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You Are My Poppy

Story ID:11327
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
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You Are My Poppy

You Are My Poppy

I held a small baby in my arms. She was perfect; she was my new daughter. Her
tiny fingers grasped mine. I had no idea what her life would become.

Thirty-two years later, I sat on the front porch of our new home. In the rock garden sat
piece of driftwood. In front of it, was a green weed. I loved the contrast of color, when the wood
was wet and dark the weed’s green texture made a great picture.

Ginny weeded our flower beds. I asked her to leave this weed alone.

I enjoyed it.

I wanted to see what it would become.

The weed wasn’t a weed. It was a California poppy

Now it is huge and has seven flowers on it, plus six new buds. Since Ginny stopped
pulling them up as weeds, we have poppies of various colors in our flower beds.

I held my young daughter in my arms in 1985. I didn’t know what she would become.
Like the poppies, she blossomed into beauty. I love her.

“Happy Birthday, baby Girl.

“You are my Poppy. You’ve blossomed into a wonderful woman.”

Daddy Poo

Michael T. Smith