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Crab's Corner-So Mean!

Story ID:11328
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Found a video entitled:"Welfare PISSED After President Trump requiring "Work for Welfare" Do You Support the Rule" and the posters were so mean! Calling those people lazy, name calling. The video also mentioned Food Stamps. It was outrageous!

In my state of Ohio, or should I say my city as I don't know if it covers all of Ohio, NO children, NO Welfare! From personal experience, you get screwed with Food Stamps with them not obeying their own policy rules and lying to you. Clueless Middle Class don't care about hoop jumping. They look at all these programs with insults. Until they're forced into them.

Concidering that Trump makes most of his money scamming and suing, his several bankruptcies, he's the last to lecture.

OK let me ask you this. You claim you got hurt on the job. You need Disability. How is it! How many hoops did you have to jump! How many times were you rejected even with proof! OK you get Disability. What now? Getting Rehab? How many times do you have to prove it! Resting at home getting that money just to survive, how many times must you prove you ARE resting! Is it fun having to constantly prove you're using that money for your recovery, or are you using that money for luxuries like a new phone or 200" Plasma TV! You may be using the money for what it's intended. Others may be using the money for nonsense stuff they want. How would YOU feel being compared to others you don't know abusing it and being blamed for what they're doing and YOU suffer for the actions of others you don'know! Fun having to always defend yourself? Think Poor like to be blamed for scammers that aren't them? Dumb question. You don't care! Easier to blame all for the acts of a few until it happens to you. Oh right! I forgot! You're arrogant enough to think it'll never happen to you.

How many of you are on Unemployment? What do you do with that money? Buy food? Fart around buying things you don't need? Are you actually looking for work? You may be looking for work. Another could be farting around. Hey why work! I got Unemployment! I don't get checked up on! Do YOU want to be blamed for others farting around with Unemployment NOT looking for work, but still collecting while you're busting your hump looking for work and need the money to pay your expenses? Do YOU want to always defend yourself saying I'm not a scammer? Never occurs to you that Poor don't like being blamed for others' scamming when they're honest. Yeah! There ARE honest Poor! Do you want to always defend yourself? Why do you get mad that there are just so many weeks of Unemployment before it's cut off! Jobs aren't easy to find or you're too picky but you think YOU can be on it forever! Obviously you weren't so entitled that you lost your job or not be hired.

Yes there are scammers. But not everyone is. But everyone has to eat! What makes you think only a worker deserves food! Then of course that worker is determined not to get fat but won't appreciate that they can eat. Will you go hungry for a few weeks to appreciate the hoop jumping FOR Food Stamps? Of course not! You're too weak to even try. Going hungry is awful not just on the body but the mind. The waiting for approval of Food Stamps is awful! Had to do that and I hadn't eaten for nearly two months and had to wait an additional month. But when I DID have Food Stamps which is a card, it saved my life. I'd sooner go hungry then beg again for the RIGHT to eat after what I went through. Until I told you, you had no idea. I didn't take a darn thing from you! Eating is not a Middle Class or Rich entitlement!

You've got Disability let's say. Or you got Unemployment. Do YOU stop buying booze or smokes? Or do you buy what you want! Food stamps don't allow booze or smokes. Cash only. Those who get around that don't represent all on Food Stamps. Not everyone on Disability or Unemplyment has to justify what they do with it. If a Poor person wants to poison themselves with liquor or smoke why not! They're not Monks. If you say hey it's on your dime, then what would you do if your boss said your pay was only for basic expenses? NO fancy cells, NO big Plasmas, NO booze or smokes, NO recreational Pot, NO new car! You'd be outraged being dictated to. Your boss can also say you're on his dime. I tell you what you can spend on. Doesn't matter where the money comes from. Being dictated to isn't fun. Poor are dictated to enough we don't need your input.

Oh snap! You're too dependent on Welfare or Food Stamps! But aren't YOU dependent on Unemployment? Disability? Social Security? Workers Compensation? Why are YOU so special because you're Middle Class! You were GIVEN those things. But there was a time when none of that existed.

It's really easy for Middle Class to name call Poor. But fire a Middle Classer they demand sympathy! No health insurance by the boss, temper tantrum. You feel owed don't you, but want things denied to Poor until you get slammed. Hate to break it to you but you're not immune to bad things happening. When they do you're so surprised! You're one of 'them'. I get it. Never thought it would happen to me. Seven years of struggle so far. Quite humbling.

Food Stamps, Welfare, exist for a reason and didn't once. What makes you think Poor shouldn't be dependent! They jump through hoops to get AND keep it! That dependency comes with a price. You have to struggle to keep it. But you don't care.

Unless you're on your death bed, why can't YOU, Middle Class, work to get Disability! Why don't YOU, Middle Class, work part time jobs to keep your Unemployment until you can find full time work! The Government should stop cherry picking and put the same restrictions to get something on Middle Class, like they demand on Poor! No American in my mind should be treated as more deserving than another with getting help from the Government.

What are you saying now! I'm hurt, I can't work, I need the money so I don't starve or go homeless. I can't find work, that's why I'm on Unemployment. I don't want low paid jobs. I want better jobs so until then, I'll take Unemployment without proving I'm even looking for a job.

My point? YOU don't want to be questioned. YOU don't want to explain, defend, justify or apologize for Government aide. You say you need it. Well Poor need Food Stamps or Welfare that they have to jump through hoops to get and keep! Since when do Poor always have to explain, defend, justify anything to you! Since when do they have to answer to you!

Poor are lazy? Aren't YOU making excuses not to show up at work being lazy? Aren't YOU lazy for demanding Unemployment? Why should you be paid for being out of work! If you can afford your tech crap, car, fancy TV's, then surely you can live off your savings until you find work. Remember, Government can always find an excuse to take it no matter how much you claim you paid into it.

Middle Class are great at insulting Poor. Do YOU want to lose your money through circumstances you never planned on? Will YOU go hungry? Will YOU give up your Disability or Unemployment or Social Security? NO! You'd defend those passionately. But you expect Poor to give up what they need! Take it away you say. Until it happens to you. Social Security is being threatened isn't it. Not great being threatened when the shoe is on YOUR foot!

If it wasn't for daddy giving Trump his money he'd be Poor! If it wasn't for him profiting off the Presidency, he'd have a tough time without a salary he refused. If it wasn't for him suing and profiting off his Bankruptcies, getting loans for his businesses his kids run, NOT him, he'd be Poor. If it wasn't for his long gone Reality fake show The Apprentice, in any reruns, he'd have no residuals. Trump obsesses about money because he doesn't want to be Poor yet he wants to put restrictions? He can't even run the country right and he wants to put limits on Poor screwing the Middle Class along the way and oh how you complain! Take away theirs not mine you say.

I can forgive Trump because he's ignorant and all he does is take. But you? What's your excuse for being mean when you're dependent on services! You enjoy them. You're "dependent". You think Poor get so many entitlements? YOU jump through the same hoops and tell how much you enjoy it.

You want Welfare, Food Stamps to end? Then I say if you're injured no Disability! Tough luck you got hurt! Pay attention next time! End Social Security! Live on your savings and see how that works! End investment opportunities and make it only for the Rich. See how that works! End Unemployment Benefits! That way you'll not be so damn picky! You resent the slightest hint of things being taken from you, yet mean enough to demand it on others finding excuses. Sure there are plenty of excuses to take away things from you.

Horrible thought isn't it. Well guess what! If it wants, Government can stop Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment Benefits, Social Security, Disability, Workers Compensation, employer paid health insurance can be refused by employers who don't want you "dependent" on them. High deductables? You can always go it totally alone then complain.

All those should be taken. Then we'll all be out of luck. But we'll all be struggling equally.

You don't want to be denied, neither do Poor. No one is safe from that. The Recession and the Depression proved that.

Trump will never get that. But you're smarter to remember that. Or are you!