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Vivisection Cruelty Persists

Story ID:11329
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Madison Wisconsin usa
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I have always believed that using animals in experimentation is not only cruel
but useless and unnecessary. In this day and age, I had hoped we had progressed
beyond this barbarity, but it is obvious that we haven’t.

Recently I received an e-mail from Justin Goodman of the White Coat Waste
Project. His org recently exposed the Stokes Veteran Center in Cleveland as one
of only four V.A. facilities in the country to use tax dollars on painful and deadly
experiments on dogs. I am not at all proud of this stat. In fact I find it reprehensible.

They asked us to contact Senator Sherrod Brown to bring his voice in committee
to reject this cruel funding. I believe the Senator is compassionate and will do
what he can in this regard.

Then today -on All Creatures I was reminded of the bus ride in 1983 when Greater
Clevelanders and others throughout the land came to protest the cruelty being
perpetrated on innocent primates at the four primary centers in the U.S. Even
celebrities came to lend their voices of protest to this cruelty.

Sadly, to my knowledge - these terrible places of animal suffering still exist. At
least I know that the University of Wisconsin-Madison does, and they even have
a building named for Harry Harlow who was arguably one of the most sadistic and
brutal vivisectors who ever lived.

Britt Lund of PRISM People for Reason and Science wrote a review of Rick Bogle’s
book “We All Operate the Same Way.” In his book- Bogle exposes not only the
barbarity practiced at the University of Wisconsin-Madison- but he helps us to
“understand the complete lack of scientific credibility, empathy, humanity, and
legitimacy that defines the vivisector mindset.”

Lund also mentions something of which I was completely unaware of and that
is his group is working to close down the Eunice Shriver Baby Primate Lab at the
University of Washington. I had previously only associated her with great regard
and the Special Olympics. Sadly, this new information disappoints hugely and worse-
allies her with a cause which promotes the experiments of Harry Harlow and his
cohort Harry Waisman.

Understandably, Bobby and Maria Shriver protested that their mother knew nothing
of what she helped to fund. However, this supposition was completely debunked
in Bogle’s book where he writes that both Shrivers were involved in pushing for more
experimentation with tangible results. Obviously, the Shrivers should have done more
to investigate where they were putting their money. Just how hard would it have been
to find out that the primate experimentations of Harlow or Waisman had nothing to do
with human babies? Despite their supposed ignorance, Eunice’s institute continues
to fund the same kind of experiments at the Eunice Shriver Baby Primate lab at the
University of Washington. Obviously, Maria and Bobby Shriver either don’t care or
approve of this primate cruelty.

Sadly we taxpayers are funding much of these horrific experiments as well because
the NIH which consists of mainly vivisectors approves grants that per Bogle cannot
even in someone’s wildest imagination, have anything to do with furthering human

And to make matters worse, they are enabled in their efforts to convince newspapers
and other media of the importance these vivisectors do to improve human health.

I’ll close with Lund’s astute deductions re Bogel’s book “The web of lies that Rick
describes in the book is massive, woven as a protective shield over vivisection by
the NIH, the USDA, politicians, the media, UW officials, elected officials and so many
more. That animal activists obtain any victories at all over these mendacious monsters
is a testament to the activists’passion, intelligence, ingenuity, and dedication.”

(My sister Anna died on Memorial Day. I know that she is with God. I know that she
cares about suffering animals. Dear Anna, please intercede for them with God.)