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Crab's Corner-Clothes Police

Story ID:11330
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Watched a video from The Young Turks under the
title:"Germany Wants To Ban Muslim Attire" and the focus was on the burqua where the only thing you can see are eyes. Both hosts were all in favor, as were the posters.

There were two arguments. One was wearing a motorcycle helmet that covers the face and the second was the usual nonsense about oppression of Muslim women. The first argument was idiotic, the second argument is hypocritical.

A motorcycle helmet is only worn while you ride and if you choose not to, head injuries can be fatal. It has nothing to do with religion therefore a stupid comparison. No one is taught to feel uncomfortable with a motorcycle helmet that can cover the face if you have a huge visor. Manditory or not some choose not to wear a motorcycle helmet. No one cares whether you wear a motorcycle helmet all day or only when you ride. Can you get head injuries after a bad motorcycle accident without one? Yes. But you can also get bad injuries in a bad accident if a shard of helmet loosens on impact into your noggin. There are a lot of motorcycle riders resentful of others imposing the wearing of a helmet not giving riders credit enough to be careful because of those that aren't they don't personally know. With Muslim women dress, no one gives them the credit of deciding to wear certain things or not. You assume she's forced. You never ask just because some may feel forced doesn't speak for all. You assume anyone wearing a burqua is an automatic terrorist. But a motorcycle rider walks into a place to rob it, leaves his helmet on, you don't automatically assume every person wearing a motorcycle helmet is going to be a robber. Not everyone who wears a ski mask is a criminal or terrorist. But with a burqua or head scarf, ignorant people get hatefully scared because of fear mongering. Whatever your religion not everyone knows each other or speaks for others. The odd thing about Media is that they only prefer to show the bad in people and mindless people think all are bad. Choosing the target is the main goal.

One guy tried unsuccessfully to explode shoe bombs. It's never been tried again. But what do you do? You allow people to demand you take off your shoes at an airport. It serves no purpose. You've been fear mongered to blindly obey. No one has ever used a belt as a weapon. But what do you do? You blindly take off your belt when told at an airport which serves no purpose. You've been fear mongered to unquestioningly remove your belt. Being delayed with useless searches traumatizes people especially children. But what do you do? You mindlessly comply even though searches haven't stopped terrorism. You won't boycott flying nor get out of your laziness and drive or take boats if you want to travel over the ocean. You resent having an item of clothing held against you having to remove them, or like a sheep you instead silently, weakly, comply despite knowing what you're put through stops nothing, but demand it on others. You're fear mongered to hate a woman in Muslim dress without question whether her face is shown or not using religion and gender in your oppression when she's done nothing to you using her religion against her. You remain blissfully ignorant that anything you're told to remove in clothing has nothing to do with YOUR religion that's returned to you, not denied for good. You can always stop wearing belts, but I've yet to hear of anyone going to an airport barefoot or just wearing socks. No one says to you, my, my, there are a few militant Christians around committing terrible things, let's hold it against you for having the same religion not caring how peaceful you are, let's dictate what YOU can and can't wear forever.

For a while Korans were fear mongered in the U.S., ban them! Burn them you said! How interesting that you become upset that a Muslim country says no Bibles allowed. Ban them! Burn them! Confiscate them! They hate Christians you say! How horrible! Hate a Muslim, you say YEAH using your religion as an excuse for discrimination thinking you're entitled. You can dish it out but can't take it as the old saying goes.

People are taught to hate Muslims and whatever they wear, particularly with women, discriminating against their gender and don't bother to ask if they choose to wear something. You can do evil wearing a suit, have deep pant or shirt pockets. Muslim men aren't discriminated against because of clothes and there are far more terrorist men than women. But not all Muslim men are terrorists. I know quite a few and they're nice. This has nothing to do with any so-called oppression of women wearing burquas, it's pure, unadulterated sexism. If it wasn't then Muslim mens' clothes would be descriminated against. Doing it at all is bad.

It always amazes me when American men and women rant about oppression of Muslim women because of their clothes or religion they only know about from Media who paints everyone as the villain for the actions of a few. But judge you for the actions of those you don't know seems to rub you the wrong way. You say Muslim women are not given the choice of what they wear but refuse to ask that woman choosing assumption. Pretty darn sexistly oppressive to me!

The German Government doesn't like Muslim women wearing burquas. They don't ask if that woman wants to be denied that right. They oppress that woman by making the choice for her treating her like a child! They use hatred and paranoia as a guide. Is it really because of religion or sexist control? It's both! No doubt those in the German Government are Christian so they want to impose their rules. You can't wear that, Muslim woman, hey Muslim man, we don't give a damn what you wear. We're proposing this because of terrorism! Terrorism is done by people, NOT clothes. Banning a burqua is not going to stop people who choose to do violence who only speak for themselves. Germany, with its shady past of Nazism they hate being reminded of, wants to do to Muslim women what they did to the Jews. Use religion as an excuse for hatred. The only difference is Muslim women being targeted with clothes first, then their religion. Anti-Semitism in Germany wasn't based on clothes or gender, and there was no terrorism as an excuse.

No, Muslim woman in Germany, your burqua must be banned because all we see are eyes! No, Muslim woman, you can't wear a head scarf! Yell for hiding your face, yell when you don't. Someone holds up a liquor store a Muslim is blamed when they're miles away no matter what they wear. We have to find someone to hate. Robbing a liquor store is called what? A crime! NEVER terrorism! The White guy did it! The Black guy did it! The Hispanic did it! It's always about race never religion OR what they wore. But no one says hey parents do your job to keep your kid on the legal path so they won't be grown criminals. New or used clothes are never an issue. No one says stop alienating people until they turn on you. No one says stop condemning a religion while self-righteously using your own to justify it.

It's bizarre how many Americans would agree with Germany wanting to ban the burqua. They shout that Muslim women are so darn oppressed! Ever wonder how many Americans that were all for Segregation talked in terms of oppression? Too many thought that was normal. It was changed through Civil Rights fights. Slavery was never concidered oppression. Color was the excuse for discrimination. NOT religion, NOT clothes.

In America someone does something bad, their race is held against them, blaming all for the acts of a few. Race is held against them, NOT religion, NOT clothes. But it's fascinating how a violent, racist, Christian is held accountable because of what they did. Their clothes aren't held against them, their race isn't held against them, their religion isn't held against them, and not all Christians are blamed no matter how violent that extremist is. Cracks me up the hypocracy.

Burquas oppress Muslim women? Why, American women, do you not find it being oppressed when you look at T.V. Advertising always being portrayed as cooks and maids! You don't see yourselves as being oppressed by being portrayed as house servants? What about you, American wives? Do you not see yourselves as oppressed when your husbands refuse to clean the house, do the laundry, cook and take care of the kids? If you consider burqua wearing as oppressive to Muslim women, then stop being an on call maid, laundress, constant child care worker, and cook, to your husband! Make him change a few diapers, cook dinner, do laundry. Make him pick up his own dirty underwear off the floor or leave it there until he does! Make him wash dishes or load the dishwasher, put in the soap and turn it on! Make him clean the house!

Why do you, American woman, not feel oppressed when people try to make you feel guilty for working out of the home and not being chained in the house looking after the kids! Why do you not feel oppressed with the idiotic non existent biological clock, oppressing your gender into a role of imposed baby incubation and birth as your only value! Some American men work from home and take care of toddlers then as soon as wifey comes home you expect her to cook dinner, bathe the kids. You expect the house to be spotless so you can dump your grungy clothes on the floor expecting her to pick up after you. Some of you men gripe about being married, growl about needing some idiotic man cave, but forget that she didn't drag you down the aisle. If you need this man cave, you expect wifey or girlfriend to clean it. The oppressed American woman gives in so her man baby doesn't have a tantrum. That doesn't bother American women. A burqua does. A Muslim woman is beaten and you're upset. You get beaten, you make excuses, accepting the oppression that you should be a punching bag.

It's oppression of American women to expect her to maintain birth control. Men don't want that responsibility and it's not imposed by Society. You have a problem with burquas, but you won't wear a condom. Women want the right of birth control but don't insist men use it. You have a problem with burquas but blame women for domestic abuse and rape. You have a problem with burquas calling it oppression of women, but an American woman strangely doesn't think she's oppressed always explaining, defending, apologizing about everything when men don't!

American Society is still sexist yet you complain about Muslim women being oppressed wearing something you're fear mongered into hating.

Wearing a burqua is oppression of women? Americans, is it not oppression that our women aren't paid equally as a man because of her gender? Where are the protests in the streets for equal pay! Men aren't exactly pushing for that either. In the rare if of a woman being paid more than a man, is it not oppression of women when he gripes about it? There are some men who are unapologetic in their oppressive thinking that a woman is there to cater to his every whim. That's her 'place' he says. But he'll have a heart attack seeing or hearing of a burqua.

American men love women in desses as short as possible. They like the view treating you as an object and you're more than happy to oblige. You're oppressed being looked at as an object. Oddly you love it! But you condemn a burqua.

Men are all for the banning of burquas yet some demean women for standing up to them. Women have criticisms of a man you're called a "man hater". Feminism is still considered a dirty word. Is that not oppression of women? Keep your mouth shut? Be seen and not heard? Denying it happens? You're only good enough to look at or be called names when a man is mad at you?

How many burquas do you see in the U.S.? There are probably a lot but you never see it and would object. Wear a head scarf and you object. You demand they give up their religion, but you impose Christianity on everyone. In Germany they want to discriminate because of clothes. Here, you're discriminated against because you're not the 'right' religion, you have none, women more than men are discriminated against for not being the 'right' weight, they're made to feel there's something wrong with them if they don't want to get married or have kids, women are discriminated against for aging like everyone else making weak women paranoid over every little wrinkle and gray hair, discrimination uses color, whether you speak English or not when we DON'T have one major language as an excuse. You're discriminated against because of sexuality some rabidly hate but know everything about that's none of your business using religion as a reason to hate others if they're gay. You're an immigrant and expected to give up everything forgetting we're a land OF immigrants. Nearly everything 'American' is an immigrant import. We have sexism in this country against women and we don't see that as oppression. Let's criticize other cultures and nationalities but NOT our own with its narrow views.

Germany is wrong for thinking of banning Muslim women from wearing certain clothes. Americans who come from a blatantly sexist Society agreeing is wrong.

Discrimination against women using religion or clothes doesn't solve anything. Using women as a target is wrong. Being sanctimonious is wrong.

Yeah, there's violence in the world. Extremists are the problem NOT what they wear. Condemning all for the acts of a few because of religion, telling women what they can and can't wear like they're children is wrong no matter how you try to 'dress' it up as normal.