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A Day In the Rain With Dad

Story ID:11332
Written by:micheal albert gibson (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cave Springs Ga USA
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It is my kind of a day. The precipitation is walking a line between rain and sleet, and the air is cool and crisp. Got up early as usual and made biscuits, eggs and sausage with grits. I had a little grape jelly on the biscuit as well as butter on the grits. The coffee was hot, and two cups went down before I finished eating. Went to the back to the RV and had a nap, but woke up when I realized the propane tanks were empty……again. Got up and stepped out in the weather to get one filled and stood out in the cold and rain/sleet while the guy hooked it up to his tanks and turned the knob to start it flowing into my tank.

Most days my dad crosses my mind briefly and then life interrupts and other thoughts take over. But this day, standing there waiting for my tank to fill, reminded me of a day Dad and I quail hunted in almost identical conditions, and I stood there like a fool with a stupid smile on my face as the water droplets bounced off my hat and dripped off the brim. We hunted all day and the dogs were willing. I had socks on my hands to keep them warm, and I cut a hole in one of them for my trigger figure to stick out of. We probably walked a good twenty miles that day through fields and woods, climbing over fences and jumping branches with ice crusted water in them. I got to spend more than the usual few moments with dad while the guy at the RV park was bent over his equipment filling my tank, and that has made my day, so you have to suffer my talking about it a little…..