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A Day of Love

Story ID:11336
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Kansas City MO USA
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A friend told me a story just after Father's Day this year. It was a special story. With his permission, I wrote this.

A father allowed me to share his story.

He sat in his favorite chair, stared out the window watching the sun rise on this
Father’s Day and reflected on his life of being a father. He knew he’d failed at some things,
but being a father was his proudest accomplishment.

He knew well enough; he wasn’t perfect, but he loved perfectly.

He had his children with him at the grocery store. They got a bit unruly.

He quickly turned to them and without hiding his irritation said, “Look at my face!
What is it saying to you?”

“Yeah! Yeah! We know, Dad.” they replied in unison. “We’re in a public place.
When we are in a public place, we need to behave.”

As the sun crested the horizon to start Father’s Day, it occurred to him, he never
asked them to look at his face when he looked
at them in awe. He never asked them to
look at his face when he looked down at them,
as if they were the most extraordinary,
magnificent, majestic and most relevant human
beings he could ever be blessed with.

They are beautiful, understanding, wise, loving and have great senses of humor.
They were his greatest teachers. Through their eyes, he’d learned to love and respect himself
more as a man. He wished the three of them could see his face on that early Father’s Day
morning. His eyes filled with tears of happiness, love and joy. He was their father;
he loved them.

Father’s Day would a day of fun, laughter, and best of all, LOVE!”

Original version by Jeffrey Staab – actor and producer.

Rewritten by Michael T. Smith with permission