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Breed Specific Legislation Is Wrong!

Story ID:11338
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I've fallen in love with Pit Bulls which really aren't a breed but several. I believe there's the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bulldog. American Bulldogs look quite different than the English Bulldog in the face and I found front view pictures between the Staffy and Pit Bull Terrier. Staffy faces aren't as big and blocky. I've read up on American Pit Bull Terriers, seen You Tube videos of Pit Bull Terrier owners, video commentary of Pit Bull Terrier rescuers and animal hospital Vets. I've personally encountered several, and not a bad thing happened alone and with my Chihuahua.

Breed specific legislation is wrong because of Media hype and ignorance!

I can't tell you how many Pit Bulls I've seen on You Tube who were torn up in dog fights who didn't want to fight! How many bait dogs who were Pit Bulls used because they would not fight as adults and puppies. How many former fight dogs retrained who are therapy dogs.

You train a dog to be mean they will be! You train any dog to be nice they will be!

Your dog must be socialized and trained. They don't do it themselves.

Once German Shepherds were thought as mean. It was that breed that taught me not to be afraid of dogs thanks to a German Shepherd named Blitz who was a runt I knew as a kid. She was small, crooked tail, one ear up and one ear down and would only chase and bring back small flat pebbles. She was owned by a teacher at my grade school I lived with for a year. Blitz was raised with three kids and loved them. Love German Shepherds thanks to her. She's long dead by now. She was so sweet.

I lived for a time with our cleaning lady who had four German Shepherds and nothing ever happened. They were taught to be nice. I was very fond of the bigger one named Satan. I was told he wasn't too keen on strangers but he took to me. He loved cuddles. He looked mean but wasn't. He's long dead by now and I miss him. He was black with a splotch of white on his chest. When the light hit a certain way his brown eyes looked red. Demonic? He was a softy.

Dobermans were the next to villainize. It was a Doberman-German Shepherd mix who taught me how great Dobermans are. The first dog I bathed when I volunteered at a vet when I was young was a Doberman. She was patient knowing I had no clue what I was doing. I met a Doberman when my Montana was a pup and the owner let me pet him. Max was shy but tolerant and my girl liked him. I love Dobermans. They were all nice because they were taught to be.

Rottweilers were next on the mean list. A friend of mine owned one and he was a huge baby. He was the first Rottweiler I'd ever met. My dog book says they really aren't into strangers. Lucky took right to me. He was big and heavy and thought he was a tiny lap dog. When I heard he had passed away I cried. Lucky was a gentle soul because he was taught to be and he loved hugs. His tongue was always slurping my face. I miss him. His owner who lives out of state now has a Lab and a Chihuahua. I think he has a Beagle too now.

I've encountered Pit bull puppies. So sweet! I met a Pit Bull mix. Very kissy! I met a guy with two Pit Bulls and talked to him and neither of them went after me or my Chi and the man had a five-year-old. When they went on their way the dogs looked like book ends to the kid who was in the middle. My dog's trainer had one and he was released into the room with her other dog whose breed I can't remember. Nothing happened. The Pit Bull puppies I encountered volunteering at an animal hospital did gang up on me all anxious to play. They chewed on my sleeve NOT one of them touched skin. I wasn't used to such exuberance. A few years ago down the street a Pit Bull puppy ran up to me then ran away scared. I encountered a stray Pit Bull. Bark bark bark he did. I wanted food at the corner store not him. He jumped on me but NOT one bite. He wanted to play. I wanted food! Told him didn't have time for him and he went on his way. A stray Pit Bull with a big bark but not one bite. Not one nip. I hope they found the owner as I haven't seen the dog again. The other day I met a neighbor in passing's Pit Bull puppy. I was allowed to pet her and got a chewy kiss. The puppy likes to chew while kissing. Felt like little pricks but no hard nips. What a wiggly waggy tail that little cutie was. She was greeting everyone passing by with kisses and wagging tail. No socialization problem there.

Other dogs have wanted to get my Chihuahua, and not one of them a Pit Bull.

My suburb there's no ban and when that fateful day comes when my girl passes, and my cat passes, a Pit Bull will be on the menu because I've fallen in love with them. When treated right they're big cuddle bugs and I'm used to that with my girl a Chihuahua that people villainize based on the bad ones no one bothers to train.

Breed specific legislation is based on sensationalism and it's stupid. Dogs who aren't socialized, trained right, unsupervised around children and babies, ignorant owners who maltreat a dog, ANY dog, is a problem!

What dogs have I met? German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, a Great Pyraneese, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Beagles, a Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniels, a Papillon, Dobermans, a Cane Corso, Boxers, Dachshounds, A Blood Hound, a Keeshound, a Grey Hound, Lhaso Apso, Schnouzer, Scottie, Irish Setter, two Huskies, an English Bulldog, a Saint Bernard, a Pekinese, a Yorkie, a Bichon Frise, a West Highland Terrier, a Jack Russel Terrier, Weimaraner a man told to chase me when I was seven and laughed. Show me a nice Weimeraner and I'll love them. Only ONE dog ever nipped and he was a Chow mix the child wouldn't control. The dog tried to start something with my Montana. I got nipped not a real bite. I bled for a couple seconds and a couple days later it healed without a trace. I fault the kid not the dog who didn't teach his dog better.

Dogs are a reflection of you with any breed. Breed legislation is wrong because of myth, hype and BAD owners and Pit Bulls are the ones most abused.

Dogs taught me not to fear them. Cats taught me not to fear them and I can't see myself ever without a cat. Cats are like any animal. Treat them with kindness, love, they're fantastic! Pit Bulls are like any dog. Treat them with love, socialization, respect, rules, from what I've seen in videos from owners, from animal Vets talking about them, from rescuers, and personally having encountered from puppies to adults, they're great animals. Rotties, German Shepherds and Dobermans taught me that they can be great with people if they're taught well.

Tired of hearing "a Pitbull attacked a child, baby or adult! They're vicious!" You don't leave your babies and kids unsupervised with any dog. Dogs who attack aren't socialized and taught how to behave. You never question how the dog got that mean. No dog is born mean they're taught that. "They're dog fighters!" The owners trained them to be that way and Pit Bulls are used as bait dogs when they refuse to be mean. I saw a video of a Pit Bull trying to jump OUT of the ring. He didn't want to fight. "Oh you can't retrain a dog fighting Pit Bull!" Many are retrained. Some are even therapy dogs. "Oh they're dog aggressive!" Owners of big dogs where I am try to go after my Chi and NOT one of them are Pit Bulls. Those dogs aren't trained to behave. Those owners get mad at me when I yell at them when their unleashed dog goes after my leashed girl on a walk. My girl has never attacked any dog. If she's not calm I won't let her meet another dog. I don't let my girl go after anyone or dog if they pass my house. I block her. When she forgets I remind her and she's unleashed from my back yard after our potty visit. I chastized some neighbor kids hitting their Pit Bull puppy. Should we take those kids, put them in a Shelter and euthanize them? Of course not! Pit Bills are euthanized in Shelters or not always adopted out not caring about personality. I did see one video of an adopted out Shelter Pit who bit the owner. No one cared what he did to that dog who never once showed aggression before. There was another video guy whose Pit Bull Bruce, a Shelter dog, was called dog aggressive. Well he has now two Pit Bull brothers and not ONE fight. He showed them at play time, feeding time, Bruce meeting people on the street. Bruce is as docile as a kitten. Whose worse? A Shelter who lies or a Pit Bull showing he's not a monster?

Caesar Millan has Pit Bulls. Daddy who passed away, was used to help other dogs. Junior has taken his place. He had one dog a former fighter whose not mean at all any more. His first pack were Rottweilers. All the dog problems he encounters are from people who don't know what they're doing and they're from all breeds.

Dogs aren't objects to bring home, feed and leave tied up with no training and oh now it's the dog's fault being ill mannered.

Whose next on this breed specific legislation? Chihuahuas because of bad owners?

Legislate against bad dog owners NOT breeds!