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Crab's Corner-Climate Change Versus Nuclear War

Story ID:11340
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The crazier Trump gets the more I'm scared. But what are you more scared of? Climate change that's been happening long before we ever walked the earth or Trump starting a nuclear war in an infantile rage?

I've seen posters' comments, politicians bellyaching about climate change, they get scared when Un from Korea launches a failed or successful ballistic missile launch. Trump was praised bombing that Syrian airport. But what are you more afraid of? Climate change!

JFK by a hair averted a nuclear war in 1962 when I was three. Did that scare anyone really? Nope. We have enough nuclear weapons to kill everyone ten times over. Nixon was talked out of nuking Viet Nam. Did that really scare anyone into sense? Nope. We still have nuclear weapons waiting to be launched by countries in addition to us.

You're scared of climate change, you insult those who don't believe in it. You have doomsday preppers doing their thing willing and ready to kill any survivors roaming looking for food or supplies who think they'll last years. But most of the country is scared of climate change that hasn't flooded every city, frozen every city, broiled every city. We fear monger climate change, not nuclear war by us, Russia, North Korea, and every other country with nuclear weapons waiting to be launched that would obliterate every little petty fight humans have ever been involved in.

Nuclear war is more a fear because Man is violent. Climate change doesn't scare me. No! I'm scared of the possibility of nuclear tipped missiles launched by petty political leaders. I'm not scared of flooding, drought, harsh winters. I'm scared of radiation poisoning, teeth falling out, hair falling out, blindness by surprise nuclear flashes, starvation, roaving bands of radiated human zombies stealing and killing fruitlessly trying to survive as they slowly die.

If climate change does exist, that takes centuries. What we have NOW are ballistic missiles, bomber planes, silos in certain locations filled with a missile tipped with a nuclear warhead. I'm scared of false alarms and a strike happening. I'm scared of Trump's attitude of if you make nuclear weapons why can't you use them to him not taking nukes off the table.

Darn right I'm paranoid about petty little men in political power destroying millions with nukes. I could care less about climate change. I find it awful that Congress has to give approval for nuclear war treating that as the voice of reason as opposed to Trump starting a nuclear war in a fit of rage without 'permission'. No one wins in a nuclear war.

Climate change takes centuries. It only took hours to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered isn't that wonderful people said! They were threatened with a third strike. Surrender was survival. Did it change anything? Nope. We found an excuse for the Cold War. Now we use the Middle East as another excuse for a war, perhaps the Final War.

Climate change takes centuries. Nuclear war takes only minutes!

In Northeast Ohio where I am, don't see any climate change. I worry about nuclear fall out coming here.

Call me paranoid, but I'm paranoid over a REAL threat of politicians in their petty fighting unleashing more devastation than climate change. The weather won't care.

If petty war mongering politicians have their way we'll exterminate ourselves long before climate change.

I have a leak in my basement because of a poor foundation that I'm trying to fix on my own. A melting iceberg didn't do that! A sudden drought in Africa doesn't affect my basement! Dying of nuclear fall out from a distant country will affect me! With unstable men in political power with nuclear weapons is a bigger threat. Weather isn't intentional with destruction. Petty leaders who want war are!

Why doesn't the human animal care more about nuclear destruction with thousands of nuclear bombs going off? We can survive climate change. Nuclear war with countries unleashing their nuclear missiles takes only minutes, no one will be around long enough to care about weather! Petty differences will be obliterated.

Climate change versus nuclear war? I'll take climate change any day! Climate change pushed our evolution. If it wasn't for climate change in Africa where we all emerged from, and forests diminishing, we never would've had the bright idea of walking upright to find more food and carrying it further. If it wasn't for climate change in the Ice Age, we wouldn't have learned to dress warmer and travel over the ice to different places for better hunting. We utilized fire more to keep warm and covered our huts with layers of animal skins to be a little warmer. If it wasn't for climate change that got rid of the Ice Age we wouldn't have discovered new land to migrate to.

Climate change doesn't blind you, peel the skin off your bones, vaporize you, or give you sores.