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Crab's Corner-Complacency

Story ID:11344
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The health care debate is one more means of your complacency. Government forced Obamacare on you, lied to you about costs, tries to force you or else, decides where you go with their petty little Exchanges, gives one minute, threatens to take it away or give you worse the next. And who proposed Obamacare and rammed it through not caring about the people they lied to? Democrats! But now that Republicans want to get rid of your health care rammed down your throats, lying about keeping your doctor and plan, suddenly Republicans are the enemy? When Democrat or Republican serve YOU and screw others no one cares! Now that you ARE getting screwed personally by politicians who refuse to use Obamacare, what phony outrage because you don't give a damn when others are messed with! People care more about health care than our election being tampered with because Russia was farting with our already corrupt politicians.

All I can say is this. Fight all you want. Demand all you want. In the end whatever you get Government will be the deciding factor. Don't comply force you to pay. Insurance companies will take advantage any way they can.

Government givith, taketh away, or threatens to.

Complacently you'll obey. Government rules not you. It matters not whether Democrats or Republicans are behind messing with you. It matters not the Bill. You have no say on Bills passed or proposed. Any changes a politician does with all your shouting are strictly self-serving. They want to get re-elected which you'll happily do as long as someone else is messed with and their lives are ruined.

Pity you don't see dictatorship for what it is you've grown so complacent.