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Faith Can Be Infectious

Story ID:11350
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Jersey City New Jersey United States
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A Sunday morning in March of 2003 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. My alarm
blared on the table beside my bed. I slapped the snooze button many times, before I
finally relented to its nagging and crawled out of bed.

My coworkers and I had work to do. Business was booming. We needed to catch up
before the next week began.

I skipped breakfast, locked my door and walked the block to the subway.

The sound of the trains in the tunnel did not help my self-induced headache. It was
Sunday, I found an empty seat easily. I had the car to myself and rested my aching head
against the window behind me and stared out the window in front, watching the city flow

At the next stop, the car filled with African-Americans. They were dressed in their
Sunday finest. At each stop, the car gained more worshipers.

I stared at them. They were full of joy. It was their day to worship God. It lifted my heart.
Church was a not a task they had to do. It was not a task at all. It was what they wanted to do.

A few stops later, they left the car.

I was alone again.

I continued on to my work, but I vowed one Sunday morning I would follow
them to their church. I wanted to experience their joy of glory.

I never did.

To this day, I regret it.

We’ve all experienced infectious laughter. It starts with one and spreads.

It was the first time I experienced infectious faith.

I moved away.

I wish I had gone with them before it was too late.

Michael T. Smith