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Crab's Corner-Lower Minimim Wage By Republicans

Story ID:11353
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Well, Farron Cousins on Ring Of Fire, was griping about Republicans wanting to lower the minimum wage state by state. Workers of course are being such cry babies about their "low" wages. Man you have it good!

I started working in 1983. Worked for my father. How much was I paid? $6/hr. I had to fight to get 7/hr. Lived in an apartment, had no car, had to take the Rapid to work. I needed a raise and just got a dollar. But things were somewhat cheaper and I was damn glad to have a job.

Then I started Temping after dad's replacement after he died fired me without cause, said I quit which was a lie and was denied Unemployment.

I sold my Plasma for $15 a pop in '91 but had to stop because I donated every week. Wasn't told by the doctors I shouldn't and fainted.

Don't know about now, but back then you weren't paid to donate blood. I had a bad body reaction to donating blood. I just can't do it.

In 1992 I decided to try Temping. You want to whine about low wages? I Temped from 1992-2000. NO benefits, awful jobs, no one EVER hired perminately. Maybe it's changed. What was the pay in those years? $4.25/hr.! Didn't have money for formal schooling. Gripe that you may not get 10/hr.? Have you ever worked TODAY for 4.25/hr.? Maybe it was higher for formal companies, but I did Temp factory work. Everyone at the factory clapped when $5.00 an hour hit. There was a woman who'd been at that place since 1968 and had been there 25 years. Don't know if that factory is still running. Today you're lucky to HAVE a job that long. But of course people today would gripe about THAT! Gripe about a job yet hoping you're not laid off!

You know what bothers me the most about minimum wage gripers? A guy I knew in 1992. He worked weekends at a Dairy Mart, weekdays at US Steel here that went belly up later. He'd been there about 15 years. They had temporary layoffs but was always called back. He rose in the ranks somewhat despite his bellyaching. How much did he get? 22/hr.! Who helped him get that? His Union. What did he do? GRIPE! He never said what he got an hour at Dairy Mart which was where I met him. He had a motorcycle, a car, a nice apartment in a big complex. Cable was just coming in at that time and he had Cable, he never went hungry, he got raises at Dairy Mart. Still he griped! He griped so much that he was fired from both his jobs! He appreciated nothing!

I worked for a couple months at a golf course at 5/hr. NO benefits. But I liked the job that was supposed to be perminant but the boss was a prick so I left. Worked at a pipe company, a dry cleaners and all were 5/hr. Not for me because the bosses were mean. Couldn't find what I can do which is office work. But then dad's office never had computers. He started the business when everyone said he couldn't. When dad died the business was worth at least a couple million which is nothing today. I went back to Temping where I met my late Mike. We alternated. He got more perm jobs at $5-$6 an hour. Car was always gassed, never went hungry, but rent was tough so we paid weekly and still got evicted. Mike worked at a place called Alcoa and cleaned oil out of things at 5/hr. He NEVER complained! He worked at a Window place installing windows. Don't know his pay but he NEVER complained. Mike told me he and his son picked peaches and NEVER complained.

O.K. wage gripers you drive to work, right? Gripe maybe about gas and repairs? Do you even appreciate that you HAVE a car to go to work you whine about? Have you quit yet? Of course not! Have you given up your cars? Nope. Your seemingly low wages allows you to have and keep a car! You're NOT homeless or hungry! You have your computers, Smart Phones, Plasma TV's with screens the size of Texas, Cable, DVR in every room, perhaps you Lotto or do scratch off tickets while you gripe about the price of gas like I encountered a man when I had to give UP my car! He griped about gas cost but sure as hell could slap down $50.00 for Lottery tickets! Told him to stop complaining how high gas was when his $50 for Lotto could've filled his tank. He looked at me like I was crazy! What? Buy gas instead of Lotto? Complain about high gas prices but no Lotto? Yeah I chastized him! Sick of hearing him whine about gas prices but afford Lottery tickets. Do you complain about your cars while reaping the benefit of your low paid job allowing you to keep it? Have you given up your car? Doubt it so stop complaining about insurance, gas, and maintainance your low wages pay to keep your wheeled independence!

You can gripe about minimum wage going up or down. Try now to have appreciation of HAVING a job! You want to grumble about the high cost of medical insurance but don't appreciate that it's provided FOR you by your boss! Gripe with it, gripe without it, take for granted that you have a job until you lose it and its perks.

Think back people! You get dollars an hour whatever it is. Be grateful you weren't my grandfather who had to stop at a fifth grade education to WORK at CENTS an hour. There were no child labor laws then! Grandpa had to drop out of school in 5th grade to help support his parents and two sisters! You got to at least finish grade school with parents bellyaching about low wages who work for dollars an hour NOT CENTS an hour. No such thing as work 401K's when grandpa worked. You take that for granted thinking that always existed. Grandpa then became good at selling carpet. He saved to send my father and uncle to college. HE worked not them so they could study full time. My uncle and father were born in 1921 and 1927. My grandfather was not going to make them quit any of their schooling to help the family like he was forced to. I bet your wages would've seemed like a dream to Grandpa who had none of your advantages. Gripe about low Social Security? My grandfather was in his 30's when it was invented! His parents had none of that! They worked for CENTS an hour without complaint. THAT'S called LOW WAGE!

A neighbor in her 90's started waitressing when she was 16. Her pay WAS her tips. Today? Servers get tips AND a paycheck. Back when I was coming up in the 60's you were tipped if you did a good job not because you're warm and upright today. Back then you didn't have vengeful servers spiking food with who knows what in infantile rage. If restaurant servers have a problem with wages then quit! You don't keep the restaurant open customers do. Tip or no tip, customers don't need permission to go out to eat from smart mouthed workers who think they can't be replaced.

Gripe when you have a job, gripe when you don't! Miniumum wage may be lowering state by state? Work at low wage or be unemployed!

I knew another person who got a grand a WEEK at her job and still she bellyached!

Minimum wage maybe being cut state by state by Republicans? You don't appreciate any amount! If wages are so awful, you can always live on the street pan handling no matter which Party is in charge!