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A Most Fascinating Encounter

Story ID:11355
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The other day as I was trudging home from the grocery store on my aching feet, I stopped infront of this house where the lady was out front with her two Pit Bulls. As a breaker I asked her if they were just to start the conversation.

The one on the leash was a gorgeous steel blue and a little white on the chest, the one unleashed was orange colored. I wanted to meet her dogs so bad and asked if I could pet her dogs and she said yes.

The dogs were both female but huuuuge! The bluish one had the most gorgeous eyes and I petted her huge head. She tried to jump on me and the lady gently pulled the leash. That dog she said weighed about 150lbs. She then called the unleashed one over and I petted her.

The lady's husband came home and he was real happy his dogs had made a new friend.

I asked if Pitbulls make good watch dogs and she said as long as she's around they don't do anything. If not, the two just bark, nothing else. She said "I don't train them to be mean" which proves again that treatment shapes a dog's attitude.

I said that I read that Pit Bulls are big farters and she laughed and said it's true and her girls fart a lot but you never hear it. But take a whiff and you know they do.

I don't know if the couple has kids as I didn't see any but they could've been inside.

The dogs' long tails? They were wagging so much. They both had a little flop in their ear tops. Reminded me of my Montana whose ears had a slight flop before they went erect as a puppy.

She said the person who lives behind her also has a Pit Bull.

I thanked her for letting me meet her Pitbull girls and went on my way.

Those dogs were so nice and the lady was so proud of them. Other than the attempted jump of one, probably to try to give a smooch, both were very well behaved and non threatening. They were more than happy to do a little socializing.

I was amazed at how big their heads are. Pictures don't do them justice. Ya gotta be there to appreciate the size of a Pitbull's head. Their eyes are pretty striking. The bluish one looked me in the eye and her tail wagged faster. The other one had a casual swing to her tail.

I felt so honored to meet the dogs whose human parents were so nice.

The more good ones you meet, the more you realize that Pitbulls prove to be quite friendly if given the chance.