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The Resilience of JoJo

Story ID:11356
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - usa
Person:Kevin Karcher
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If you are an animal person as I am -than the internet site “The Dodo” will soon
become one of your favorite internet places to click.

Today’s account of the story of JoJo left me both in tears and laughing and yes,
in pretty much that order. JoJo’s start in life was very sad, and as long as I live,
I will never understand how people can be so cruel to any innocent living being-
whether human or animal. Sadly, as we all know by now –cruelty does abound
in both the human and animal kingdoms.

From his picture- JoJo seems to have some pit bull in him, but of course, he was
not mean. And contrary to some held notions- Pit bulls are not all inherently
vicious. I always remember when thinking or writing about pit bulls- the time I
was fortunate enough to appear on our local CBS station which offered free minutes
to those of us who wanted to express our views.

It happened years ago, but I was thrilled remembering being able to voice my
concern for pit bulls who at this time were being especially vilified and characterized
as cruel and frightening. You could never convince my Florida nephew of this
because his pit bull is loving and gentle.

The only line of my “editorial” that I remember today is saying in their defense is
that the real culprit has two legs-not four. Yes, cruel or indifferent owners are the
ones I believe who should accept responsibility for giving pit bulls this perhaps
undeserved reputation. I don’t believe that any dog is born inherently cruel. I
hope I am right.

So the story of JoJo starts very sadly. It was his misfortune to belong to a cruel
family, and for whatever reason only God knows- they cut his ears off with scissors.
Nicole Bruck, founder of the animal group (Animals R Family) who rescued JoJo-
years later reflected on this cruelty to JoJo telling the DoDo “We cannot even
imagine the excruciating pain that this must have caused him.”

This cruel family soon dumped poor JoJo at a rural facility for dogs when he was just
7 months old. He was to languish there for the next eight years. He lived in a cage
in this windowless warehouse. Bruck said there was no water, no blanket, no towel –
just nothing but the hard ground of his cage. Sadly, JoJo went from one hellish
existence to another, but thank God, there would be redemption for him at the age of
9 years when he was finally rescued from his living hell. I hope the other dogs were
rescued as well.

Go to the internet to see the pictures of this beautiful dog who bares no visible scars
of his years of hell. As Bruck observed- “We rescued him at the age of 9 years. His
eight years of harsh prison life did nothing to dent his personality or his charm.”

Things would happily change forever for JoJo when Animals R Family brought him to a
Best Friends Super Adoption Event in New York City last December. The Karchers were
there with their son, Jordan, who had started a company that was a vendor at the
adoption event. His company- Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. donates 20 percent of
proceeds to no kill shelters.

JoJo’s life would soon change for the better- way better. On seeing JoJo, Jordan felt
there was little chance of his being adopted -so the Karcher family decided to adopt him.
Thank God - as there are horrible human beings like JoJo’s first owners, there are beautiful,
caring people like the Karchers who told the Dodo – “We wanted to pack as much life and
affection into JoJo’s remaining years as possible.”

The first order of the day for these beautiful people was to get medical treatment for
JoJo who suffered years of neglect. When fully recovered at age 10, JoJo went to live with
Kevin and Leann. Both of them are spoiling him, and when before when he had no toys,
he is now surrounded by hundreds of them.

Finally –lucky JoJo, who now, per Animals R Family “in Kevin JoJo has not only found a father,
but a best friend, chauffeur, butler, chef and more.” And as Kevin observes – JoJo has
quickly made up for lost time. He lives to play with his toys while laying in the grass,
and only sits still for hours if you scratch his belly.”

Kevin hopes that others will follow his example, and when choosing to adopt- will look to
adopt that dog which is least likely to be rescued. What a special man who, in my opinion,
has a heart of gold!

Was I right? Did you start with tears, and now have a smile on your face – almost as big
as JoJo’s?