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There is a Whole Other World out There

Story ID:11359
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
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Our kitty, Callie, was nowhere to be found. We searched the house and could not find
her. We looked in the backyard, which is totally fenced in …no sign of her.

I looked at Ginny, “Do you think she jumped the fence?”

“No!” she replied. “She’s too small to jump a six-foot fence.”

“True, but she has to be somewhere.”

Ginny kept looking. She found a hole under the fence, where Callie had made her
escape. Gin got a stepladder, looked over the fence. “Sure enough, Mike, I see her. The
little booger got under the fence.”

It took a few hours to convince Callie to crawl through the hole and return home.

She didn’t want to come back. She’d discovered a whole new world.

I grew up in a small village. The only time I got under the fence was when my Mum
took me to the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia a few times a year. Like our Callie, I saw a glimpse
of what was on the other side of the fence.

We put a rock in front of the hole Callie had dug.

For a full week, whenever we let her out in the yard, she ran to that rock, wondering what
happened to her portal into the other world. Every time she was outside, she’d sit on or by the
rock hoping the portal would open again.

On the other side, she saw a large world: a huge expanse of land, tress, a cow
and many birds. She got a taste of what the world had to offer.

I was the same.

Once I got under the fence of my village, I saw what the world had to offer.

At first, I wandered only a few miles, but now I am 3500 miles from home
and have seen so much. I’m glad I crawled under the fence.

There’s a whole other world out there.

Michael T. Smith