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Why Are Some Youth Cruel?

Story ID:11362
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Los Angeles California usa
Person:United Animal Action
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I originally read and then wrote about Zig Zag in 2009, and today somehow I found
his story again. So, it was like reading it for the first time, and I felt incredibly
saddened by it and righteously angry with the cruel punks who victimized him.

This account came to me through a newsletter from United Animal Action. Here is
their account of what happened to Zig Zag:

“Zig Zag was minding his own business in south-central Los Angeles on one warm
day when, according to police reports and eyewitness accounts, five young teens
approached the Rottweiler mix, caught him and tied him up. They took wooden
boards with nails and beat him. Then they beat him with a steel pipe. Bleeding
and howling, Zig Zag lapsed into unconsciousness. But the torture wasn’t over.
One of the youths poured boiling water over him until he woke up. As he regained
his senses, one of the teens poured lighter fluid on him and set him afire. Zig Zag
tried to run, but he was beaten again until nearly every bone in his body was broken.
When the police arrived, Zig Zag crawled into their squad car and died.”

(On reading this, I felt terribly saddened that no one seeing this horrendous act tried
to stop it.)

Can you believe that teens could actually do something so horrendous to an innocent
dog they found on the streets? What kind of upbringing did these monsters have?

I hope the saying “What goes around will come around” will apply to these incredibly
cruel punks. If any teens deserved jail time - in my opinion, these did. However, per
the newsletter --the perpetrators in this case received scant punishment and were
quickly back on the streets, free to harm more innocent animals. Not only did we have
cruel teens, seemingly inadequate parenting, but a criminal justice system which failed
to address this cruelty adequately, and which allowed the cruel perpetrators to go
improperly punished.

If you are not ashamed of these horrible”punks,” -people like me are. If you are not
ashamed of a justice system which failed Zig Zag, - people like me are.

I also noted on this paper a written memo which I had jotted down re another horrible
killing account by two teen girls, 17 and 14 years old. Tiger Lily, a sweet innocent kitten
was placed into a 400 degree oven by the 14 year-old. Can you even begin to imagine
the terrible suffering of this poor kitten? What kind of monsters would do this to a
harmless kitten? And these monsters were only in their teens.

Cheyene Cherry -the 17 year-old, received a sentence of one year in prison, but the cruel
14 year-old was let off scott free. Two questions – how could they not punish the 14
year- old who was even the more guilty party of the two? Second question- how were
these two horrible teens raised? Is it possible that they had good parents? Were they
ever punished for bad behavior or faulty indiscretions?

In my opinion, the cruel teens who killed Zig Zag and the two cruel girls who killed Tiger
Lily may not have been the products of a good, religious family. Were they allowed to
do as they pleased? Were they ever punished for bad behavior when there was justification
for it? Or maybe the teens themselves had been victims of parental cruelty which caused
them to become hardened, callous, and indifferent to the feelings of other living beings.

What ever the reasons- I still find it hard to think kindly of these cruel teens. Even a cruel
upbringing should not have led to their unspeakable crimes to an innocent dog and kitten.
If anybody is working towards a PhD and needing a doctoral thesis subject in sociology
or psychology – this could well be one.

Were these cruel youth guilty of such cruelty to Zig Zag and Tiger Lily the products of
too much corporal punishment or not enough? I think most people are abhorrent of the
idea of using corporal punishment – so then just let us ask the question – Were other
means of punishment used when merited? What about education? Were these youth
brought up with a reverance for God and all His creation? I believe this is paramount
to living life compassionately. If they had viewed Zig Zag and Tiger Lily as creatures
of God, would they have treated them so ill?

Exploring their background may help determine if punishment for bad behavior or the
lack of it may have played a part in their cruel behavior to ZigZag and Tiger Lily. But
in my opinion, there can never be justification for what they did to two innocent creatures
of God.