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Crab's Corner-Why!

Story ID:11365
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Why do people want to keep Obamacare that was forced on them, when politicians didn't know what was in it and said pass it then we can see what's in it. Why do you want to keep Obamacare who lied to you about keeping your plan, your doctor, lied to you about costs NOT rising! Why are you mad about non public showing of this so-called repeal and replace when you had no problem with Obamacare being forced on you in the dark without your imput!

Why are you so approving of a mandate to force people to buy medical insurance in a country that's supposed to be a free nation not a dictatorship! Government doesn't have the right to force you to buy anything when it comes to health. What next? Force you to buy car insurance without a car? Many find that stupid to even mention. Is it really? You're fear mongered with catastrophic illness so buy expensive insurance just in case or else. I don't want to be forced to get car insurance without a car just in case. Still think that a stupid thought? You're already forced to buy car insurance because of crappy drivers and when they mess up YOUR car insurance goes up when you have no driving issues and no one picks a certain Class of people to blame. It's done because it can be! You may or may not get a catastrophic illness, so being fear mongered into buying health insurance you can't afford just in case isn't too bright as no one can predict the future. Poor don't drive up health insurance costs the greedy medical establishment does because they can, falsely scapegoating Poor that you're duped into believing! Home owning has its pros and cons. Do you want Government to try to force you to buy a house? Owning a home isn't the touted American Dream, having any roof over your head is! Do you want Government force to live in a section of town you don't want to live in or financially penalize you to fill greedy coffers? Maybe next, Government will dictate how many kids you have or tell you what job to have without choice. Why do you think that won't happen? You allowed Government to take an inch forcing you to buy health insurance or else that they have no right to do, why do you think Government won't go further? Why are you so compliant with Government mandates until they become inconvenient to you whining your surprise that you never thought it would happen!

Why do you practice exceptionalism when it comes to mandates! You're all for forcing people to buy health insurance as a mandate but a mandate for Medicare for all, decent, cheap medical care for all which includes Poor you're a couple of paychecks away from being yet arrogant to think nothing bad will happen, that mandate you DON'T want! Why are you so into the mandate to force people to buy something, but you don't want any mandates to force health care insurance companies to NOT take advantage of you! You bellyache about high prescription costs but don't demand mandates that enforce drug companies into not ripping you off! You bellyache about high deductables on health insurance your employer provides who don't have to, but where is your demanded mandate that insurance that needs payments to keep, pay ALL your medical bills so all you pay are premiums! You'd think with rising premium money that your insurance should pay 100%! You don't demand that!

Why are so many outraged about the high cost of medical insurance yet demand that Poor not be included in the right to have it. Decent health care and cost isn't a right for some, a privilege to others. You balk at health care for all!

Why won't you demand the mandate for Medicare for all? Why do you insist that Poor be excluded? Middle Class whine that their lifestyle is slipping, expect help, while demanding that Poor be screwed! You could lose everything in an instant despite your arrogance in thinking you're untouchable!

Tired of this health care debate and Middle Class whining how they may be cut off, but have NO problem with their politicians NOT being on Obamacare and have private insurance, aren't forced or else! Why don't you care! Why don't you even notice!

Why do you not demand the old days of YOU choosing your medical care provider instead of the Government dictating where you go! In the old days a medical insurance company didn't work out you chose a new one. No stupid Exchanges, no one you have to stay with you don't want, no force or financial penalities. What happened that you're so comfortable with being dictated to? You talk about freedom in this country yet allow Government to dictate! A law that says you HAVE to buy something or else when it comes to your health is not freedom! You've allowed this from Obamacare shoved down your throats. You balked in the beginning, then complacently accepted being dictated to. You've forgotten the days before force. If Obamacare was so great you wouldn't have been lied to about keeping your doctor and plan, your costs wouldn't have risen despite promises to the contrary. You want to keep Government forced Obamacare. Have you really forgotten how it was before where you made all choices of what to buy with health without financial threats of non compliance? Will you be just as compliant if Government tells you where to live, dictate house or apartment buying, maybe how many kids you can have, penalize you for non compliance? Do you really think that would never happen? Well, no one thought a temper tantruming, dishonest, scamming, sociopathic, narcissistic, vindictive man would become President, who thinks he's above the law like a dictator, who thinks he can get away with whatever he wants, would ever happen either!

You demand affordable medical insurance, you demand decent care for all you shell out in deductables not covered, you demand mandates forced on others. Why have you become so accomodating to force and Government control! Have you forgotten what freedom used to be like where you aren't forced to buy or else when it came to health? It's not enough that you can't get anything else without having to buy or else! Cut off their heat! Cut off their water and electric! Let them starve! Take away their home! But don't mess with my health care that's not really mine but now Government controlled!

Since you're so compliant about dictatorial mandates for health insurance, why don't you demand that your politicians be forced to have the same Obamacare instead of enjoying exemption and choosing their own private insurance! Why do you keep voting for people who want to impose things on you who won't take those things!

I have no sympathy for Middle Class panicking about losing their health care when they reject affordable health care for ALL people which includes Poor.

Government has overstepped its boundaries for too long. You've become happy indoctrinated Borg drones willing to comply with anything as long as it benefits you, ruining the lives of others. The Borg 'queen' Trump is quite pleased that you'll comply with anything and re elect the same liars and cheaters.

IF repeal and replace of Obamacare doesn't go through in the end, a health care law forced on people, dictating to people what and where to buy, punishing you financially if you don't comply that Government doesn't have the right to do, who want to control every aspect of your life from politicians who aren't on Obamacare choosing exemption that citizens are denied the choice of, I better not hear any more bellyaching about rising premiums, co-pays, deductables, high drug costs, problems with pre-existing conditions, because you'll have gotten what you wanted.

IF you get to keep Obamacare in the end, forced on you by politicians who've exempted themselves getting medical insurance you have no access to, you'll continue to be taken advantage of by doctors, drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies whose only concern is profit that your politicians have no incentive to change because they won't use what they impose on you, you'll continue to be complicit in allowing Government to stick their noses into what's none of their business by dictating where and what you pay for in medical insurance threatening financial punishment in mandates you demand be kept in your pathetic need to be controlled.

Why have you conveniently forgotten when Obamacare was first imposed, peoples' outrage at Government meddling in what was none of their business when it came to medical care choices? Have you so quickly forgotten how Poor were blamed by you for high medical costs despite the fact that we don't set prices? Nor are we chronically sick or go for medical care over every little sniffle which you falsely believe. But then, you're comfortable having a scapegoat as an excuse so easily duped you are. If Obamacare was so wonderful you wouldn't complain about high costs. Government knows what's best for you, right? Isn't that the running philosophy these days in that the more expensive the better? Oh that's right! High cost but really getting nothing in return by the greedy medical establishment is great as long as YOUR wallet isn't impacted! Your adult kids love being on your medical insurance. How many medical bills of yours have they paid when things got tough! The minute your health issues become a burden they'll settle you into a old age home that YOU have to pay for while still expecting you to provide health insurance for them until age 26.

Gone are the days where YOU chose to have some control over your private choices which you're very comfortable with having them taken away by Nanny Government dictating your health care while they're exempt. Eventually you'll all give up the rest of your freedoms without a fight so used to being dictated to.

Who pays off your credit card debt? YOU! Who gets your credit card bills? YOU! Funny how you don't blame Poor for your credit card debt. You go to others when the IRS goes after you when you've not paid for years. You pick the first tax company who claims to help who preys on you. Funny how you don't blame Poor for your tax problems. Who pays your utilities? YOU! You don't blame Poor, or fellow Middle Class, or any politician when you can't. YOU get the bills, it's YOUR responsibility. But health care rising, who do you blame? Poor! We're not responsible for your bills! We don't get medical care for free! Speaking for myself, you've never gotten any of my rare medical bills. I get them and I pay them eventually. Never been sued, not one hospital have I driven bankrupt. Never have I NOT ever been billed being Poor. 1994, 2004, 2013 did I need medical treatment. You get a sniffle and you run to the doctor. Blaming Poor for high medical care because of fear mongering was the perfect start to forcing Obamacare. Still blaming Poor for your high costs? Or will you get smart and realize no one but the medical community sets prices for profit! They're all rich but you never blame them. Funny how you enjoy blaming Corporations for things you haven't yet blamed Poor for, yet expect your boss who represents Corporate America, to provide you with job health insurance. Some businesses don't want force in that which you resent. Why don't you then quit en masse! You like the perk of employer medical insurance. Boss decides he won't provide you medical insurance at a job he's under no obligation to hire or keep you in, you're resentful. You're not owed! Doctors, hospitals, medical insurance companies are part of Corporate America making money off you and without a lawyer you hire won't honor a medical claim. Take money from you but give some back? With or without medical insurance you're over charged. No mandates to stop it. With or without medical insurance ALL deserve the best care. It's a right NOT a privilege and it's amazing how Middle Class whine that decent low cost medical care is a right not a privilege for them but say to Poor it's not a right BUT a privilege.

I watched a news show interview of a complaining ER nurse bellyaching her resentment of treating everyone who came in. When you go to an ER you're not wearing a sign that says which Class you're in, but as usual Middle Class aren't targeted Poor are. No one complains when Middle Class need to go to the ER, Poor are complained about. The nurse gets paid no matter who comes in and if she has a problem with doing her job there should be a mandate to fire her. Will you demand it? Of course not. As long as she grudgingly treats you, you don't care.

I like the idea of medicare for all. There shouldn't be one insurance for Middle Class another for Poor in good old fashion segregation. IF medicare for all means mandates and financial penalties for non compliance as I've not heard yet if it's included which seems odd, I'm not for it. IF medicare for all is just another means of getting more Middle Class involved and ignoring Poor as usual as all I hear of medical discussions is how it'll affect Middle Class, then I'm not for it. Poor and some Middle Class elderly are on Medicaide. Poor on Medicaide are yelled at. Elderly Middle Class on it people have a problem if taken away. Once again Poor are treated as if they're not entitled to it when they jump through more hoops to get it. Anytime there's a medical insurance debate the only people being talked about are Middle Class ignoring Poor. When Poor are mentioned it's nothing but insults or demeaning us with different names as if saying the word Poor will make their teeth and hair fall out. We are called Poor, NOT low income, the less fortunate, the lower class, the financially challenged, the needy, the under class, the destitute, penniless. We're people NOT bacteria that needs constant reclassification to make others feel better about themselves.

Middle Class as usual are always whining. They whine about Poor, they whine about the Rich. But if given a choice you never hear them say they'd gladly be Poor. They want to stay where they are or be among the Rich. If medicare for all is more than just another empty promise, Middle Class would whine that too many Poor are included. Notice you only hear the term "working class" when it comes to health insurance never working Poor that ARE really Poor. Middle Class love to call themselves the working poor making themselves sound worse off than they really are. Working Middle Class are by no means Poor! They consider themselves Poor if they have two instead of four DVR's. They complain about their cars but will bend over backwards to drive that extra inch than walking taking for granted that they have a car they'll never give up! And what IS Poor? Choosing between a bill and eating. Middle Class whine that they can't pay for a prescription. I often see a commercial about that. "I had to walk out because I couldn't afford to buy my prescription!" But the lady saying it was very overweight. She had no problem finding the money to eat! The old woman complained:"That's why I'm still working at age 77 to pay for my prescriptions!" She didn't say "And I haven't eaten a thing for six weeks!" Nor did she say she had to walk to the Pharmacy because she has no car, cab or bus fare. The old lady whining that she needs to still work at 77 to pay for prescriptions takes for granted she has an awfully tolerant boss who not only puts up with her arrogant attitude of entitlement but keeps her around at age 77 when he can get rid of her at any time. What if Grumpy 77 falls and breaks her hip or has a heart attack doing a job she resents denying a younger person the same job? Maybe her medication has no generic but does she ever ask? With rare medicine I have, they never are but at least I ask.

Whether you work or not you're entitled to decent medical care not shoddy half-assed care acting like you're being given a favor or gift.

Does this medicare for all cover the homeless? Haven't heard a word on that.

I and the few of us left at least with health, won't be controlled. We're entitled to choice like the old days that's been long forgotten.

Decent medical care is a right not a priviledge for ALL!