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Andy, Regina, and Tilda- Farm Animal Rescues

Story ID:11367
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Local Legend
Location:New York New York usa
Person:Gene Baur
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I always look forward to receiving and reading the Farm Sanctuary’s newsletters.
The stories in them re farm animal rescues bring me joy as they do anyone who
respects animal life. It is to Gene Baur’s credit that after he and a friend found
sick sheep Hilda in a dump outside a slaughter house to die and rescued her. They
brought her home with them -nursing her back to health. Her rescue was the
beginning of Farm Sanctuary and Baur’s life work and dedication to helping as
many farm animals in need as he could.

In their newsletter today was the rescue story of ANDY –a tiny piglet who was
brought to the sanctuary by a caring person from a factory farm. Andy had been
left to die because of his severe pneumonia. Sadly, there were other weak, suffering
piglets in the same pen as Andy, but I imagine that they were probably even in worse
shape than Andy and beyond help – so Andy would be the sole rescue this night.

Andy somehow intuitively must have known that he was safe because the caretakers
found him smiling when they came to check on him. And 10 years later -he is still
smiling! This wonderful characteristic has made him a beloved ambassador for the
farm animals. His duty now is to charm visitors with his smile and sweet personality.
When not “working,” he spends his days lying in the sun or rooting in the dirt. What
a life for a pig who almost didn’t have one.

The newsletter reminds us- “Billions of animals are born into the factory farming system
every year, and except for a lucky handful like Andy who escape, they suffer every day
until their last harrowing moments at the slaughterhouse. The year Andy arrived at
Farm Sanctuary, more than 100 million pigs were slaughtered in the United States.”

Isn’t it wonderful- that despite the death of so many pigs each year that Baur has not
just thrown in the towel and said – what’s the use? To his credit, he believes that each
and every animal life is precious, and he will try to save as many of them as he can.

REGINA. I loved how they described her as a “gutsy” little lamb who came to Farm
Sanctuary earlier this year. She was born into a high school agriculture program last
November. She was the runt of triplets, and this made her mom reject her, and she would
not allow her to nurse. Sadly, sometimes a mother sheep will reject her weakest lamb in
order to save the rest.

Though she was struggling to survive, the students banded her tail. This is a painful
practice which cuts off the blood supply- causing the tail to fall off. They then left her in
a crowded place with the other sheep and lambs who had been rejecting her.

Not surprisingly, Regina was found within a week with her back right leg shattered. They
gave her no veterinary care or pain medication. Her leg was also not splinted. Still Regina
spent the next two weeks hobbling around and dragging her broken leg behind her. What
spirit and determination for such a young little lamb. But the program’s leaders felt that
since they were not going to provide her with veterinary attention -they felt it best to
euthanize her. Obviously, they had small hearts.

But then a concerned parent intervened and asked if she could try to find Regina a safe
place. Thankfully, they agreed. She then called Farm Sanctuary. After so much bad luck,
finally this would be Regina’s lucky day. Farm Sanctuary came to pick her up, and seeing
the bad shape she was in, rushed her to the nearest animal hospital. The vets found her
to be dehydrated and severely underweight.

There she finally got her first really good meal. Sadly though, they determined that her
leg which was broken in three places and had been left untreated for far too long would
have to be amputated. They also removed her banded tail.

However, spunkly Regina didn’t allow the loss of her limb to slow her down, and she was
soon up and about- walking and running on three legs! However, they soon determined
that she would need a brace to help her bear her weight more naturally. While some animals
refuse to use and walk with a brace- Regina took to it right out. She proved to be one special
lamb! I can almost hear her saying – “Throw anything you want at me – I’m up to it!”

At last Regina was in good hands, and I feel sure she will be happy despite having to wear
a brace. Thank God for Farm Sanctuary. Thank God for all the workers there. Thank God
for Gene Baur. And finally, thank God for everyone who helps support this wonderful farm
animal sanctuary.

TILDA – a mother goat and her 3 kids were rescued earlier this year and were brought to Farm
Animal Sanctuary in New York. She was suffering from a virus that left her unable to feed her
three kids. She was in terrible pain, and the virus caused her teats to be scarred, blocked,
hardened, and swollen. In the hospital they removed her udders to rid her body of infection.
She came through the surgery well, and has since been reunited with her babies. They are
now all living happily together at the shelter.

It is always good to know that one’s little donations probably helped all these wonderful
but needy farm animals. But again, of course - thanks to Gene Baur for recognizing the need
for a place of sanctuary for as many of these suffering farm animals that his sanctuaries can
take in. There is also a sanctuary in California. For Gene and many of us –each animal life
is precious because they are all formed by the hand of God. And for us vegans –none of
them will ever be slaughtered to meet the needs of our plant-based diet.