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Crab'Corner-Never Satisfied

Story ID:11374
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Farron Cousins from Ring of Fire was bellyaching about how bad the economy is even though Trump lies and says it's great. In between his belching how the Market doesn't really benefit anyone other than Corporations, he was screeching about all those poor poor people having two or three minimum wage jobs just to stay afloat and how some can't afford car repairs.

Not one of those people Farron sniveled about did he say "those Poor people" with two or three minimum wage jobs. Middle Class they were I bet. Ever hear a Poor person gripe about working? They appreciate HAVING a job!

Oh poor you for having two or three minimum wage jobs to stay afloat. There are people who can't find ONE, and you're griping having two or three? Economy seems to be working enough for you to FIND, get HIRED and KEEP those extra jobs at one time! You're not starving, you may not be able to afford repairs on the car but at least you still HAVE it! Can't afford health insurance? Go to an ER for care! It's crap but at least you'll be seen and you have your car to drive there instead of walking!

Hey gripers of two or three minimum wage jobs you complain about that have so far kept you from living on the street, QUIT so others who appreciate HAVING any job can take over since you're neither satisfied or grateful!

Hey one of you two or three job workers complaining about car repair you can't afford, why don't one of you give me your car! Give it away for free for a good cause: ME! I had to give mine up seven years ago. My damaged feet and arthritic hips and knees will finally have a break from walking everywhere! No? Then appreciate that you HAVE a car and quit bellyaching, or sell the car you don't appreciate even having that you complain about repair costs! I miss having a car and the independence that comes with it you whine about! I'd sell my soul to the Devil to be able to have a car again and whine again about repair costs. Saving is slow after seven years but at least I have more than a couple cents in my car fund that I had to restart several times over seven years because I needed it to pay bills and have saved $400 that I refuse to touch. Not bad from being penniless which two or three job gripers never have been!

In a time of unemployment for too many you gripe having two or three minimum wage jobs? But if you were laid off from them you'd gripe.

You gripe about car repairs yet take for granted you have a car.

You'll never be satisfied!