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Crab's Corner-Stop The Hypocrisy!

Story ID:11378
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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America is a land of hypocrisy and unabashed bigotry and it refuses to acknowledge it.

Take Slavery for instance. Why isn't it concidered racism when Blacks blame Whites for Slavery! They don't want to admit that historically some freed Blacks decided to own slaves themselves! The bigger tribes of Africa in conflicts took slaves from smaller tribes. Then they sold their own to the Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arab, American! White Abolitionists tried to help end Slavery. There were many Whites who took in runaway slaves at great peril. They're never acknowleged! Why is that racism never acknowledged when Whites are blamed by Blacks?

The Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution were slave owners! So does that make them suddenly moral writing the Constitution with the hypocrisy of all men created equal? Women weren't included! Blacks weren't included, American Indians whose lands were stolen weren't included! Robert E. Lee wanted to keep Slavery! The Founding Fathers didn't exactly free anyone. So they were more moral because they weren't thinking about breaking away from the rest of the country in their states?

Take the general use of the word racism. You don't like those who subscribe to the Nazi mentality. Neither do I! But who do Nazis hate the most? We Jews who are White and Neo Nazis despise us! What are you more hypocritically concerned with? The Nazi philosophy or that they target White Jews? Do you not see White against White as racism? How do YOU look at Jews? As a group of people of religion or a race? We're NOT a race! We can be any color. You want to talk bigotry? How many of you take exception with stereotypical jokes aimed at Jews? Do you laugh or hypocritically say nothing because you aren't Jewish! Do you understand that not all Jews act or think alike? Do you care? I'm an American born Jew and couldn't care less what happens in Israel. The fighting there is done by choice! Are you going to bigot against me because you have some pre conceived notion that I should care? How many stereotypes do you believe of Jews and hate us? Is it not racism because we're all White? Does Anti-Semitism only hypocritically exist to you when it's violent? It's still going on. Where are the Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, American Indians getting angry about it? They're not! They care when bigotry hits THEM!

America boasts about "tolerance" never acceptance. Tolerance is putting up with something or someone. Acceptance has no conditions. Is that racism or bigotry or both? Depends on who you ask. Do YOU want to be tolerated or accepted!

Take gays in this country. See any gays openly carry signs that say they're gay but will stand by women when their abortion rights are interfered with? Never! So getting or maintaining rights only matters when they're yours? Do you see gays and transgenders get angry when a straight kid is bullied? NO! Bullying only matters when they're the target. Does bigotry matter when it only deals with race?

Sexism is rife in the U.S. and accepted! Is it not bigotry and racist when women of all colors are still treated as if we should have babies, not have the right to have an abortion despite it being legal? We're told to shut up! We're called names! Single mothers are treated as incompetent acting like they need a man in their lives to raise kids. We're not paid the same. We're judged on looks, weight, Society makes aging a horrible thing if you're a woman who believes that crap. Husbands still think of us as slaves being cooks, maids, and child care workers. Where's the outrage! What happens when a woman is raped or beaten? She's blamed! Race doesn't matter, but blame is still there. Where's your care against victim blaming because of gender!

Let's move on to Donald Trump, a man I hate with a passion. He's been mean his whole life, he's been a bigot all his life. Trump supporters loved his Muslim ban that didn't work. But how many of YOU who aren't Trump supporters approved of the thankfully failed immigrant/travel/Muslim ban? How many of you since 9/11 hate ALL Muslims because of it? Are YOU not racist? I defend Muslims as the only ones I've known are peaceful. How many have YOU defended! Do you hate their scapegoated religion or their race? Which will YOU admit to!

Donald Trump has never admitted when he's wrong. Why do you expect it now! Why does he still have to be the be all end all! Racism and bigotry is wrong! Does he have to pretend to admit it to make you feel better about him when his empathy and care is as phony as a three dollar bill? Isn't it enough when others speak against it?

The hypocrisy stuns me! Racism is bad yet some Blacks are racist against Whites because they feel entitled. Racism ISN'T just a Black/White thing and it's hypocrisy to think it goes only one way!

Poor are treated like trash in this country. We're all blamed for the bad acts of a few. We're called lazy. We're marginalized. We have to jump through more hoops to get things. We're ignored in most things. We're given dozens of different names treating us like a different species. You falsely assume we're all Black. You have no problem with bigotry and racism against Poor because Rich and Middle Class think of themselves as superior. Superiority complexes aren't limited to race it's also Class. You don't care about Caste discrimination as long as you're not the target.

What happened in Virginia was awful. One person killed several injured. Doesn't matter their race, but Heather Heyer is the ONLY one remembered! Media is making sure you forget about the injured along with her. Didn't they matter? Guess not because no one will mention them. Have you even NOTICED! I feel for all! I watched the mother of Heather Heyer talk. Not ONE mention from her of the injured by the same car! I feel awful her daugher was killed but the injured mattered as well! Where's anyone interviewing them or their families or mentioning their names!

Donald Trump didn't start bigotry and racism, he brought out what people have in them but at the same time they have the CHOICE to act on it! Yeah! Trump isn't exactly the most sensitive guy but we all knew that from the start, we all see he won't change. Since when does a 'leader' like him matter! You can't wish Trump were different because it'll never happen! He stuck his foot in his mouth again and still it's a surprise to some tolerated by others? Do we really need him to acknowledge what we already know and practice when it suits? What hypocrisy!

When this blows over after Media has milked it to death, Donald Trump will continue to start fights with other countries that doesn't seem to bother you, his instability will continue to increase day by day, his fear and hate mongering won't change. His behavior hasn't exactly got him tossed out of office has it!

The next crime that happens everyone will get into a tizzy. When it's done people will go back to hating gays, Blacks, consider all Hispanics as illegal and hate on them, Muslims will still be villainized, Neo Nazis will still tirade against Jews, KKK believers will target who they want that doesn't bother anyone until they're the target who won't defend other targets.

Take a good hard look at yourself, America. We'll always find a way to hate and it's been done since our founding.

Who do we hate? Athiests! Some hate Jews. Blacks, Latinos and Asians have been targets depending on era. Women aren't treated as totally equal. LGBT will remain targets. Immigrants legal or not will remain targets when it suits. Poor will continue to be targets. Fat people are bigoted against, plain people will continue to be treated as non people. Place of birth will continue to be a target as will language when it suits. Religion, no religion, too much not enough religion, targeting a religion based on Media bias will continue to be a problem. Racism is bad and let's stop being hypocrites thinking racism is ONLY Black/White. All prejudice is bad. Why do we need a riot to care! Why are KKK and Neo Nazis yelled at one moment when they're violent, then be told their same hate speech is concidered Freedom Of Speech and protected when there's no violence! What selective hypocrisy!

Prejudice and racism will continue that only seems to matter when there's a riot which you, America, won't acknowledge!