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Crab's Corner-The Wall

Story ID:11381
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I hope this border wall never happens demanded by a President whose grandfather fled his native Bavaria at the age of 16 because he didn't want to serve mandatory military service and lost his citizenship and was deported not long after he went back to Bavaria. Donald Trump probably has no idea he's a product of an immigrant no one asked to come here but was accepted.

If there was a border wall, any border wall, YOU would be living who knows where and under who knows what condition. Thanks to no border walls blocking your immigrant ancestors a hundred years ago and further back you wouldn't be here.

How dare you criticize Donald Trump for his acceptance of Nazis and White Nationalists when you agree with his xenophobic border wall keeping people out who do jobs YOU won't, just as your distant immigrant relatives did jobs others wouldn't, who were gladly profited off.

Isn't it ironic you want a border wall proposed by a ranting xenophobe for the U.S. whose lands were stolen from the Indians by boat people fleeing tyranny centuries ago?

If there were high border walls YOU wouldn't be here long before France's Statue of Liberty beckoned your recent immigrant ancestors who came without permission. You keep forgetting that. You argue over the word "illegal" when talking about immigrants. How many of your distant immigrant ancestors who came here long before Ellis Island was built, long before passports were ever invented, long before something called immigration and naturalization was invented were asked to come here? None of them! The land your immigrant relatives settled on once belonged to the Indians that was illegally stolen from them by others.

You demand immigrants "assimilate" and forget where they came from while you forget your own immigrant ancestry. It doesn't matter how far removed you are from your immigrant roots but you're a product of them. It doesn't matter that you only speak English. You're a descendant of non English speakers. You're also a distant product of immigrants who did the work no one else would, who never were asked to come here, whose lives were made miserable by those who long forgot their immigrant struggles. You may not know where you're originally from in country who fled for a better life, but you can never escape your immigrant background. Thanks to no petty walls ARE you here generations later and it was never called a crime. It was a crime that for too many immigrants then and now to have to leave their countries because of war, tyranny, bigotry. Everything that you call 'American' came from elsewhere!

Donald J. Trump has probably no clue that his grandfather came here from Bavaria. His grandfather, Friedrich Trump, pleaded not to be deported from Bavaria when he went back. Do a search for the letter Trump's grandfather wrote in 1905 to the Bavarian athorities begging not to be deported from there. Do a search on his grandfather in general. If it wasn't for his grandfather, Friedrich Trump, born in Kallstadt, in the Kingdom of Bavaria, now south east Germany, and being deported from Bavaria in the 1900's because of his draft dodging as a teen, Donald J. Trump wouldn't be here! During the Yukon Gold Rush, Donald's grandfather, Friedrich Trump, made his money in bars and brothels! Is that something to be proud of running brothels in your family background? If only Bavaria didn't deport Friedrich Trump we wouldn't be plagued by his grandson! But there were no walls preventing his grandfather from coming!

Nowhere in Trump's grandfather's whining letter begging no deportation from Bavaria did he mention that he left to escape mandatory military service at 16 that lost him his citizenship. Still there were no border walls preventing him from coming!

Sadly xenophobia has taken deeper root, and if Donald J. Trump wants his idiotic wall then HE should be forced to pay for it since he claims to be so rich from illegal gain he hopes no one will uncover that has him so worried. If anyone should be kicked out of the country it should be him!