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Justice for Animals

Story ID:11382
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - USA
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I am sure you have probably voiced this thought on more than on one occasion – if
there were no bad news – there would be no news at all. In reality, thank God,
this is not wholly true, but today it seemed right as I found two stories regarding
animals which sadly proves that man is often cruel to them.

The petition on Force Change.com read “Seek maximum penalty for owner who
allegedly mutilated her puppy and left the animal in the woods.” How lucky for
the pit pull puppy who was reportedly severely mutilated that she was found coming
out of the woods. She had to be taken to the critical unit in the hospital. The severe
wounds included “one on the side of her neck and one on top of her head per Jaimi
Quesada of the Oakland Veterinary Referral Services. Appropriately, they named her
Amari which means miracle. Amari was to endure extensive surgeries, and at the
time of this writing, her entire head was still wrapped in bandages.

Her owner –31-year old Jennifer Visga was arrested in this case, but her motive for this
cruelty remained unclear. But unbelievably, she was only charged with nothing but a
misdemeanor and was released on bond.

As the people of Force Change wrote on their internet site -this was not right, and they
asked us to sign our signature to the petition they enclosed demanding justice for this
innocent puppy. The petition was addressed to Michael Wendlin, St. Clair County
Prosecuting Attorney, with the goal of seeking maximum penalty for the owner who
allegedly mutilated her puppy and left her in the woods.

I was so glad to see the caring comments in this regard and have included a few here:

Selena Brooks – Stop giving these pathetic people a free pass with misdemeanor charges.
It requires Maximum!

Barton Dixon- “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act is abstinence from
injury to animals.” He also quoted Arthur Schopenhauer: “Compassion for animals is
intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that
he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” (So beautiful and I believe so true.)

Jamie Perez – a Paraprofessional at Dixie High School wrote- “Only a misdemeanor charge??
What is wrong with the justice system? Clearly, this ho bag needs a huge fine and a long
jail sentence. Until punishments get harsher, things like this will keep happening.”

LANDS. Target: U.S. Congressperson Chris Stewart, State of Utah.

Again our wild horses and burros are being targeted for slaughter. In Utah- a deputy assistant
of the Interior and a number of politicians pledged to lift restrictions on killing these innocent
animals. Utah congressman Chris Stewart is among these uncaring people re the destruction
of our precious wild horses and burros. They have to be reminded that the wild horses and
burros are a part of our iconic past and a symbol of American West history and heritage. As
all living beings, they deserve freedom and a humane existence.

Their claim that overpopulation is resulting in horses and burros dying of thirst and starvation
are countered by horse advocates who say that the horses are really suffering from a lack of
open land because of ranching and farming interests.

How sad that the cruel spectre of greed always rears its ugly head, and if not stopped, will
cause the slaughter of these beautiful iconic horses and burros who are a part of our heritage.

I am glad that a petition letter to Rep. Steward was included which I and I hope a lot of concerned
people signed. The petition stated that there are other ways to address horse population such as
through increasing the amount of grazing land available and through sterilization and release
programs. And they note: “In reality, what is really causing these horses to suffer is not their
“excess” numbers, but the fact that Agriculture interests have forced them onto ever-dwindling
tracts of land. We agree that horses deserve to live humanely and should not be be allowed
to starve or die of thirst, but culling them denies them any chance of having the life they deserve.
I urge you to withdraw your support from any plans to kill or sell wild horses and burros to
slaughterhouses and to commit to improving their quality of life in the wild.“

Beautifully said, but should we be optimistic that Stewart et all will listen to our plea? I think a
good dose of prayers will probably also be needed and hopefully will help tremendously.