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Crab's Corner-The Dreamers

Story ID:11389
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The Dreamers anxiously await Trump deciding on whether to end their stay here having been brought here by their illegal parents as babies and toddlers. I say they should stay but who knows what the Bigot-In-Chief will do.

What are you saying? They're here illegally! They broke the law! Pardon me, but we don't own this country that we stole from the American Indians when we all fled from our countries centuries ago. The term illegal was invented by current politicians! It never existed against your distant relatives or politicians' distant relatives who came long ago who never sought permission to come nor were asked by anyone here to come. No one turned down the opportunity to take advantage of their labor either. 99% of those who call themselves American, their long ago ancestors came by boat long before immigration and naturalization department, passports and visas were invented. Then you have the so-called "legal" immigrants who boast about the modern day paperwork they went through to be here. But ask them did you ask permission? Did the population of people who don't know you beg you to come here, you'll probably get a blank stare. Ask those who consider themselves now "legal" immigrants so quick to rail against the "illegal" immigrant, why, out of all other countries did you want to come to America. What will they say? America is a land of freedom and opportunity! I'm sure they never heard of the belief that my Hungarian great grandmother held that the streets of America were paved with gold and is the land of milk and honey which translated would mean America is a place of freedom and golden opportunity. Then ask them did you ask to come here or did you just hop a plane or boat and just come. Did anyone who doesn't know you send you personal letters begging you to come? They'll say "I didn't break the law!" What's considered breaking the law? Not asking permission? You were never asked to come here! Here's a question for the so-called "legal" immigrants who are young enough to have kids that'll be born here, what are you going to tell them? You're American! Well, I'm American too! But my ethnicity is German, Hungarian on mom's side, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian on dad's side. Never been to any of those countries. Have no idea what cities or villages they came from. Don't even know their names. But I'll never forget my immigrant heritage. Born here will never change that. Out of all the other countries they could've gone to they came here. Despite Anti-Semitism they stayed here. America didn't implode. Our immigrant ancestors came here as adults, babies and children and contributed just like modern day Dreamers want to. They were brought here for freedom, opportunity, to escape war and poverty. For a country boasting of being a great melting pot some see Dreamers as a threat of new blood. Cut open an "illegal", a so-called "legal" immigrant, one born and bred in America, we all look alike! Poke 'em with a needle and and what do you get? Not paperwork, but blood. What color? Red!

Oh those Dreamers shame on them! They're gonna steal jobs like their parents! They haven't stolen any job and do grunt work that you won't no matter how many times you bellyache about unemployment! You have a problem with illegal kids in school? How many of you actually graduated High School as opposed to those who dropped out with their parents not caring? Oh I got my GED you boast! You dropped out then went back. See any Dreamers dropping out so they don't finish the first time? I bet far more Dreamers in college spend more of their time studying as opposed to too many native born college students who think college is seeing how drunk they can get before passing out or dying of alcohol poisoning.

Oh these Dreamers will steal jobs! Scared of competition? Why should you be scared when you constantly complain about your job! When Dreamers graduate if Temper Tantrumer-In-Chief lets them, they'll be paying off school loans just like you with a job they'll complain a lot less if at all, than native born!

It's pathetic that Trump is putting fear in people, a man whose vocabulary and reading ability is that of a third grader and who needs pictures in order to understand things, who refuses to educate himself on things because he's so lazy, who can't stay focused longer than four minutes on any one thing other than lying, cheating and insulting, who made his living off cheating.

Trump's mother was born in Scotland and came here asking no permission. His grandfather escaped Bavaria because he refused to join mandatory military service, made his living off bars and brothels, went back to Bavaria and then got deported because the authorities remembered he left so he wouldn't be forced into military service.

Trump's first and third wife are foreign born his third wife working here illegally for a time modeling. For someone who wants to expel Dreamers over legality seems like he likes foreign wives, he's a product of immigration and deportation with his grandfather being deported from Bavaria as an adult because he ran away as a teen to escape military service and the authorities didn't want him back, which Donald Trump is no doubt clueless about. From what I've read his son, Barron, being bi-lingual in English and Slovenian thanks to Melania who was born in Novo Mesto Slovenia, doesn't seem to be a problem. I recently read where Trump hired foreigners instead of Americans to work at Mar-A-Lago abusing his Presidential powers to get them the proper work papers. He's pretty accepting of immigration matters as long as they serve him.

The Dreamers should stay. They did nothing wrong, their legality arbitrarily argued by some politicians and ordinary citizens who have no concept of what struggles their long ago relatives went through when they came here unasked from whatever long forgotten country for the United States that gave them everything, that you now have and take for granted, and insist be denied to others.

No one owns this country! No one owns the land! No one owns this planet! No one owns our galaxy! No one owns the Universe! No one owns the right to deny others!

If we don't destroy ourselves in our petty Last War, Dreamers should be given the chance to make things better!