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Remmy My Pit Bull Neighbor

Story ID:11391
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I've been busy with new art but I just found the time to report on my adorable Pit Bull neighbor Remmy.

A couple weeks ago her owner came to my door with pup in arms needing to use my phone to call someone. His phone died and I was just thinking about Remmy which was wild. Admittedly I was worried wondering how my Montana would react to Remmy and my neighbor said "Don't worry." I let him in to use my phone and Montana was barking as usual with a new person coming in. And what did Montana do about Remmy? I was amazed! She couldn't have cared less! I thought she'd get territorial as no other dog has ever been in my house. Nothing happened. It was as if Remmy wasn't there!

How did Remmy react to my Montana? She looked at her, turned to me as her 'dad' was making his call, and proceeded to wiggle up my chest for a big pet and snuggle! She didn't pee on my carpet, but a little on my shirt which I couldn't have cared less about.

My neighbor was right! Remmy was on her best behavior. And what was that? Being an energetic cuddle bug! Almost knocked my glasses off. Remmy was so excited to see me!

After about a minute of Chihuahua barking at the neighbor, Montana grew silent and watched as Remmy was crawling up my chest for pets while her 'dad' was making his call.

What did my cat, Manny do? Uninterested he went into the kitchen and went into his cupboard next to the stove to take a nap. Remmy saw him leave and couldn't have cared less. Remmy then plunked herself into my lap and was still in motion spinning around trying to get as much petting as possible. Kind of difficult when you've got a whirling dirvish in your lap but I got some pets and rubs in.

What a ball of energy this pup is! But I was so impressed with Remmy! No cat bothering, no Chihuahua care, no piddling on my carpet. No bark. I have no idea what Remmy even sounds like other than her slurping me with kisses when she slows down long enough. And not one nip! She's out of her teething stage.

Remmy is such a joy. I haven't seen her since but every time I go to the corner store I look for her.

My neighbor was right. Remmy was on her best behavior and Montana didn't have a problem that the neighbor somehow knew would happen which still amazes me.

Remmy is such a happy puppy. Her joy at seeing people is downright intoxicating.

When Remmy and her 'dad' went home after he made his call, I thought Montana wouldn't come near me after my being so huggy on another dog. She surprised me. She wanted some cuddle which I gave then she went into her bed for a nap after sniffing where Remmy was.

It was another great experience. Pit Bulls are so affectionate with the right raising and without knowing, Remmy is proving to be a great ambassador.

Who knows when I'll see Remmy again but I'll look forward to it.

Time to check on my napping Siamese and Chihuahua 'kids' whom I adore.