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Our Snow White Husky

Story ID:11392
Written by:Kathleen Blanchfield (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Kilkenny City Eire Ireland
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Our Snow-White Husky

Our Husky dog Snowy now ten years old
Gets better and better as the years unfold.
happy and contented, he loves his own home
and loves to see all of the children come.

Snowy `s never idle, works most of each day
Is proud to help as he goes on his way.
he licks out the cat-cans,takes them to the bin
Collects the waste-paper, no bother to him.

He brings in the kindling for the open fire
and firewood and turf for the cold winter time.
when we go shopping he takes care of our place
No stranger attempts to enter our gates.

When we shop at the weekend he spots everything
he roots dog food out, leaves it at his bin.
brings in all the cleaners and soft tissue too
There`s so many things that Snowy can do.

Alas deafness last year took over his life
we were devastated with his struggle and strife
He is resilient,but found this hard to take
still willing to carry on without any break.

Snowy looks at us now as if to say
I still can help in every way,!!
For ye taught me to do all the outdoor chores
When I was only four years old.!!

We now make signs which he understands
he follows each and every command.
While time on his ears has taken its toll,
his eyes take on a more vigilant roll.

Now Snowy has grown fond of Lucky our cat
She is big and burly, shiny and black,
he nudges her soft fur as I finish these words
She snuggles up close, then gently she purrs.

Kathleen Blanchfield