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Story ID:11393
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Hi! My name is Manny. Well, actually my real name is Maandak-Tarzan named after mom's favorite actor's two favorite characters, Mandac and Tarzan. So what's a little spelling change. I refused to respond to either name but Manny and that's my name.

My birthdate is October and I'll soon be 17 years old. The story mom told me made me realize how important I am. Mom's other cat, Taco Bell, who looked just like me, passed away four months before he turned 13. He had to be put to sleep and mom was so heart broken she told me as a kitten. She swore she'd never get another cat but a month later in December of 2000 she was so lonely for another cat so she answered a newspaper ad and she cabbed it over there.

Mom saw me, my three brothers, and my parents. I'm a lot like my dad. Super friendly. My cat mom wanted nothing to do with my new human mom. My brothers ran away from her but I didn't! Mom put me on my breeder's couch and asked if she could be my new mom and she tells me I licked her finger. She fell in love with me and I was brought home in her carrier wrapped in a Barney and Mickey Mouse towel that my breeder gave.

I used to nurse on mom's shirt. It gave me comfort as a kitten until I accidentally used teeth as an adult and I was nudged. I don't nurse mom's shirt after that but I love to lay in mom's lap with my head against her stomach. I have my own corner of the bed or snuggle under the covers to sleep with her on occasion, and when mom lies down on the couch I nestle next to her neck. I like to kiss mom on the neck and cheek. Mom loves to hug me as hard as she can and I love it! I give her heat butts for more.

I'm a talker but only when I have things to say. My favorite words to say is "now" and "mmmm!" When I get really comfortable I purr loud.

When mom brought home my dog sister when I was two-years-old, I was so jealous that I grabbed her by the throat and tried to strangle her like I was a lion. Mom pulled me off and I didn't do it again. Mom protects me on the rare times my dog sister wants to pick a fight because she's so possessive of mommy time on the couch. But I do love my sister anyway. But it took a couple weeks. I babysit her and sometimes groom her. When my sister used to come back from the groomer I had to inspect her with my nose then give her an extra grooming on her face.

Mom says I'm so much like her Taco but she knows I'm my own cat too and she respects it. I do feel good that I'm both me and that I'm the living version of her Taco whose ashes she has in a canister in her room.

Mom always tells me how much she loves me. Well I'm so handsome and loveable anyway but I like to hear it and I head butt her and rub my whiskers against her to tell her I love her too.

Mom is used to my hair balls that I rarely deposit on her floor and I do barf up my food sometimes. I have to eat fast or my sister will eat my food, but mom feeds me again and I'm fine.

My favorite foods are 9-Lives crunchy and soft food and I love it when mom cooks chicken and she shares with me and my dog sister, Montana. We always look forward to chicken days and mom always shares. I even once shared some turkey with her. I like chicken more and tuna fish and sardines? Mom gets that special for me when she can. She eats half and I get half.

My favorite sleeping places are a cupboard that sits next to the stove and there are a lot of soft paper bags to rest on, I like the card table in the kitchen and the soft pillows on her recliner.

My favorite hobby is head butting for kisses on my forehead and paw slapping mom's face when I want to give good night head butts and mom gets grumpy trying to fall asleep. I don't care! I want my good night kisses and I'll get 'em any way I can! I don't slap mom hard. I slap the end of her nose gently for my good night kisses then I settle in my corner of the bed. I can't sleep in my own bed because my dog sister stole it! But when she's not looking I deposit myself in it so Montana has to sleep on the couch.

As you can see I'm a handsome Siamese. Some people who've visited seem a little scared of me. But I'm friendly. Years ago mom invited a person over who had two kids. Well the girl was scared of cats and kept screaming her head off every time I came close. Mom kept telling her I wouldn't hurt her. Well I got tired of her screaming and jumped on the couch and rubbed my head against her hoping it would help calm her down. When I want to be friends your fear means nothing. I WILL be petted! She stopped screaming but wouldn't pet me, so I plunked my bigness in her lap and looked up with my blue eyes and waited and BAM! The girl petted my head, then rubbed my back. I purred and instant new friend! She wasn't scared of cats when I got through with her! What that little girl didn't know was I'd never seen a child before and as laid back as I am, her screaming was saying "come to me, not go away!" So I came! I don't bite and have no claws. And no, I don't miss them. The couch has worn spots where I pretend to sharpen my claws. I'm also an indoor cat so I don't need my claws. Scratching posts never interested me. I used to shimmy up mom's back and my claws hurt. And no, I wasn't in pain when I was declawed. I was put under and felt nothing. A week of shredded paper in my litter and I healed well and no I don't hold it against mom, and yes, when I have an itch I scratch it fine thank you very much.

I lost interest in toys when I was six months old and I kept misplacing my toy mice. Mom tried cat nip and it didn't do a thing for me.

I love to take a nap after breakfast and then I like to be next to mom for a few hours getting my cheeks, ears, forehead, and chin rubbed before I take more naps in my cupboard or on my card table. I snuggle on the coats mom has on it. Then I like to sunbathe either on the carpet next to my dog sister for a nap or jump onto the narrow window ledge of the dining room window and press against the glass to bake one side then the other then lie on the left side of mom's neck when she stretches out on the couch. I have to remember to keep my paws off her carotid. I tend to press too hard so mom shifts abruptly so she doesn't pass out.

Ahhh! What a life! Naps, good food, a nice body to snuggle on. What more could I want? Another nap!