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Bedtime Eagle Cartoon Stand Up

Story ID:11397
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Bedtime Eagle Cartoon Stand Up

Bedtime Eagle Cartoon Stand Up

We have a shredded paper stuffed cleaned out cat food can, topped and bottomed with sugar box cardboard.

The entire can's sides are decorated with tin foil scrap cardboard doodles, which is a first for me, and their spaces glitter filled. Experimenting I realized that all I needed was to thickly cover my blunt toothpick, hover over my spaces and let gravity pull down my drops and then I spread the glue. Someone might say big deal! So what! Nothing to see there! Well there is a method I had to discover. I had to find the right thick glop of glue. Too much the glue would try to over flow my spaces onto my foil squiggles. Too little and not enough of my overflow of glitter before tapping and brushing off excess would keep enough so none comes off on your finger without the need to brush on glue to harden it. Used to find that annoying. I now know the precise thickness of glue so I can sprinkle on anything, sprinkle over flow would fill in any glue seepage just with the weight of over covering, I wait about an hour, tap and brush off excess on the paper I'm working on and pour the excess back and re use. Over flowing anything I sprinkle and waiting for drying, and I wait an hour or two or over night depending on when I do it before removal of excess leaves an even unclumped coating. My brushing off is new. Get a lot more extra off than just tapping for re use.

The rims are crushed seed powder mixed in my jar with old dried used tea put on the same as my glitter. A perfectly spread thick coating of glue with my blunt toothpick then over sprinkled to cover any seepage with the weight of the over flow flattening the way I need so when tapped and brushed of all extra I get a perfect cover with no gaps.

Eagle's background is paper punches of food box pictures for my jumble of colors and his moon is traced from a quarter onto printer paper then backed with cardboard and trimmed to fit. A jumble of background color looks better than boring black for bedtime.

Eagle is glued on without any backing and the feet of his can are from a cut to measure incense stick from my tube collection wrapped with patterned napkin scrap with a stripe of tin foil and attached with glue. The bottom is brown paper bag punches.

And there you have it. A bedtime junk mail cartoon eagle ready for bed in his nest.