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Lion And Cub Stand Up

Story ID:11398
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Lion And Cub Stand Up

Lion And Cub Stand Up

I took my cleaned out tuna fish can out and topped and bottomed it with the last of my cereal box card board and painted the sky with my metallic blue acrylic. I needed a couple of coats.

Double row of bill envelope inside paper punches cover my rims. The outside of the can are card board scrap paper punches covered with scrap tin foil and glued on whose tiny spaces were glittered in sections. Don't know what was more time consuming, punching my dots and peeling of the backs so they'd lie flatter or foiling them. The blunt end of my tweezers got a work out flattening the foil edges.

I glued my lions on first using them to put my foiled punches around instead of cutting my lions to fit my arch of my silver tin foil covered punches.

The green 'grass' blades are snipped off a long ago donated wreath. My 'grass' is 'growing' out of a couple layers of my hairy seeds from my little jar. I'll have to start checking my flower tree in the back to see if any seed pods have opened up so I can collect more seeds.

The frontal ornament is a craft button with silver glitter.

My can's bottom is brown paper bag punches.

My can's legs are cut napkin covered incense sticks from my collection tube. I cover my sticks with glue, cut napkin strips and twisted on, lightly covered with a coating of glue and rolled between my palms to get rid of wrinkles and further secure the paper on.

Mom sure loves her cub.