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Crab's Corner-Pet Care For All

Story ID:11399
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I watch a lot of animal videos about abused animals who are rescues because of starvation, injury and it's one thing for a Vet to say yeah, Pit Bulls are gentle, to a Vet who won't take care of one without money or go to places to stop BSL.

I read an artical about why Vets won't give credit and the Vet writing the article gave excuses but yeah they like money. A Vet worker felt bad sending sick animals away because their "useless" owners couldn't pay. Not wouldn't but couldn't until they had money.

Ever see a Veterinarian at a BSL rally? A trial of the abusive owner caught they saved? You see 'free' shots at a pet supply store but does the store pay for the Vet's time? I suspect so.

So I did some digging and discovered that like human doctors, Veterinarians have an oath:
"Being admitted to the profession of veterinary care, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence."

What a load of crap!

When I volunteered at one Vet Clinic a Dachshund was brought in. He needed back surgery. The owners couldn't afford it, the doctor made no payment arrangement and suggested euthanasia. I had to help prepare and watched the dog die for no reason other than money. I quit the place! Back surgery, home care, rehab, the dog would've been good as new. No! The dog was put down and the Vet got paid!

I volunteered at another Vet Clinic where I cleaned cages and fed everyone on weekends. The Vet called and asked the condition of one dog and he was dead. I was distraught at the cold attitude of the Vet. That same Vet expected me to sign a waiver promising not to be sued if I got bitten. I refused and quit. You hire me even as a volunteer my safety should matter! The Vet nor the Techs didn't clean any cages! That Vet kenneled his two dogs there. They were Pointers. Did he keep them in the floor cages who were bigger? No! Upper cages for the smaller dogs and cats. A Pointer is not easy to remove from a cramped upper cage. I quit! It was the same Vet whose paid kennel person had a nasty caged Capuchin monkey who stole my sponge and scratched me! Needless to say I despise Capuchins.

My Manny had bad reactions to his form of rabies shot. He wouldn't eat for days, wouldn't drink, wouldn't eliminate waste. I made sure, with a fight, that Manny not be given that shot. Then I was told he never needed the shot as he's an indoor cat which they knew, but keep giving rabies shots to your dog which Montana never reacted badly. My Vet knew Manny didn't need those rabies shots, I was given excuses that Manny wasn't reacting badly, it was normal, continued to charge what wasn't needed until confronted and was told the truth. You tell me that money wasn't the motivator for giving Manny what he didn't need! Any other shot cats need yearly, Manny has no problems with. No car now I HAVE to still use this Vet as he's a twenty minute walk.

When Montana had been spayed they released her before full Anesthesia recovery and she collapsed. Not until then was I ever told they don't do emergencies. Nor would they even admit they released Montana too early. At that time I did have a car and took her to another Vet and she was given a shot and she perked up. Why did I not switch Vets? The Vet who saved my girl was in a bad neighborhood. Not suitable.

When I was in bad financials seven years ago I and my dog and cat were starving. I begged for donated food for my dog and cat. When I said I wouldn't get my checks for another two weeks the food suddenly disappeared! We'd been starving for a month! "What do you expect, free care?" the Vet Tech said! I said I'll pay you when I have the money. No food would they give. I was weak with no food and didn't care. I called the Vet because I needed to feed my Manny and Montana. I couldn't go anywhere with no car and cab fare. At the time I only knew one neighbor who had dogs and cats and they refused to help. My Vet refused to help with my dog and cat food!

When I have money my Vet is great. When I don't, animal welfare goes out the window! They won't help.

The videos I see where starved and abused dogs come in on the brink of death the Vets take care of them paid for by strangers. Ever see a Vet take care of those abused owned animals or strays for free? Never! Their paying customers keep them afloat but without pay somewhere an abused animal isn't taken care of as a video showed one Vet refusing an abandoned freezing puppy and one died in their care which was none!

I understand that payment keeps up with saleries, and keeping the lights on, but no payment options? That's not right!

Don't get me wrong those of you who are talking trash now. I did have one Vet once who let me pay later in full. My pet mattered. I'm talking about the Vets who take their oath to help animal patients but will only exercize it if you have money. I'm talking about Vets who will euthanize because the owner can't pay right away where the animal can make a full recovery. Killing your pet because of no money is cruel both on the pet owner and the Vet side.

Some say if you can't take care of your pets because of money surrender them to a Shelter. I tried that in 2010 when I was penniless. Not ONE Shelter would take my 'kids'. "Too old" which they weren't, and "no donation" were the excuses. Fortunately things improved and I still have my 'kids'. I never would've survived without them, but back then things were desperate. I was penniless! Had and have no car, had no cab fare, no one I asked would help without pay! But leave it to Manny and Montana and their undying devotion. They seemed to know and never did they cry as hungry as they were. I did the crying! I stressed!

I get it if you can't pay for months. But a week or two or three? You won't help a client you've gotten paid at time of service for years, no exceptions? Would you allow your family doctor to not treat your kid if you didn't have the money right then? Not everyone has your options to go elsewhere.

Vets who care only about money I comment about who won't honor their oaths. Vets who will take care of a starving or abused animal only if eventually paid who have plenty of paying customers who won't treat your animal while you're trying to get the money I have a problem with.

Human care is bad enough where you get shoddy to no care if you have no money, but your beloved pets?

What about Shelters? In 1978 I adopted an amazing German Shepherd puppy I named Cheyenne. He was three months old and was so smart. I was told their Vet gave him a clean bill of health but when I took him to a Vet later for his regular shots a couple weeks later he had existing incurable heartworm and my boy died! He wasn't examined at all at the Shelter and I was lied to! He died a few weeks later and it took nearly 30 years to get Montana because I was so affected.

There are good Vets out there, and who are they? People who will care for your pet if you can't pay right away. You would never allow a human doctor to refuse treatment of your human kid if your finances weren't immediate, pet kids should be no different! If you brought in Homer, your tortoise, whose in a lot of pain, and your Vet who does exotic pets and whose helped Homer for years, shouldn't Homer get treated even if you can't pay for a couple weeks? You may have the means to go elsewhere, someone else may not be as lucky, are you going to hate on the owner and say tough luck? You don't deserve Homer in your arrogance thinking you may not be in that position ever? Maybe you're not as attached to your pet as some are. They deserve care unconditionally and any Vet willing to turn away your beloved pet because your wallet is empty, give no payment plan, but will in the future take care of your pet if you have money, violate their oath and don't "deserve" to treat animals. Just because some never pay doesn't give you Vets the right to blame everyone. Your pet shouldn't be left in pain because you can't pay for a couple weeks.

It's as bad as commenters I see on these saved from abuse animal videos threatening violence on the owners they'll never see. Animal abusers are terrible! But threatening tortures doesn't exactly elevate you to gold status. You're just as bad. Threats of violence makes me question your fitness and most of those threats come from those who don't own a pet! The worst of those commenters say how horrible it is that a Pit Bull was mangled as a puppy or adult used as a bait dog, then turn around and demand a perfectly healthy Pit Bull be destroyed because they refuse to believe that a Pit Bull is only as mean or as gentle as you raise them.

If Vets cared about their animal patients, a couple weeks without pay until funds are gotten isn't going to put you out on the street and no animal should be euthanized who can be saved because of money! Human kids aren't treated that way and neither should your animal who loves you!

Those saved from abuse animal videos the Vets helped the animal first then got paid from donors. They didn't say tough luck, the animal will suffer until I get paid first. Treatment went on while money was being raised by donors and those Veterinarians didn't go bankrupt. There are still some Vets who care more about money than care violating their oath that says nothing about being paid when you don't have money at the time so your pet should suffer.

The oath of human doctors doesn't say do no harm unless you have no money so your family member should die from no or sub standard treatment. Those that have that cold view shouldn't be doctors if the only reason they're in the profession is to be super rich.

Decent pet care should be for all just like it should be for people but sadly isn't! Your oath shouldn't be overly tangled with numbered green paper and metal coins!