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Story ID:11400
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Scams running rampant that I've seen YouTube scam baiters call when they've gotten calls or texts.

IRS scam. Indians call and pretend they're collecting, threaten arrest warrants, demand money from those gift cards like I-Tunes. Expecting you to go to CVS, Target, Walgreens that these scammers call "government stores". The IRS NEVER calls! While the IRS can do a few gnarly things to you they can't "cancel" your driver's license or your born into Social Security number which is part of the scammer script. Obviously the IRS can seem scary when they want to but they'll hardly come "to your doorstep" in 45 minutes to arrest you if you don't pay right away and put you "behind the bars". If you're back on taxes the IRS doesn't wait years before they go after you and miscalculations don't add up to tax fraud which these scammers try to convince you of. These scammers give phony badge numbers added to their phony American "officer" names. No badge number I've heard of in America has numbers and letters. I have no idea about Canada's authorities. Neither country employs East Indians, Nepalese, or Pakistanis, to bother you. When it comes to taxes, scammers rely on your fear.

Phoney grant money scam. Napalese are getting into the act offering grant money for a price. Don't fall for it!

Scams from the Camaroon about reimbursement from a scam for a price by moneygram that you get a text or e-mail from.

Microsoft scam from India claiming to "fix errors" for remote access for a price and do who knows what bad to your computer. Microsoft will NEVER call you. I got a call once from these scammers and I told her I know her game don't call again and not another call.

Utility electric shut off scams for immediate money. You know your own company policies. My electric company puts the shut off notice in the bill and partial to pay to avoid it. Unsure call your utility company.

Phoney Bank of America foreign CEO claims for money to you for a price from the Camaroon in Africa. Don't know if they're related to Nigerians but they sound the same. They demand moneygram payment.

Phoney lawyer scams from India trying to get payments. One tried to impersonate an American Attorney General to sound more official.

Indians do the Canadian tax attempted fraud not realizing that American and Canadian tax stuff is different. Not Canadian I don't know if they're like the IRS who will NEVER call. You have an IRS problem they'll send a registered letter.

For amusement YouTube has great videos on these scams and how the contacted scam baiter contacts the scammer and waste their time over and over again until either they're blocked or the scam number is disconnected before getting another number and contact people, so at least that person isn't scamming another or trying to scam you again from the same number. You'll hear the tactics these scammers try and as obvious as it is that these foreign scammers use phony American names, have obvious accents, and lousy English, they still dupe in the Microsoft, bogus credit card lowering interest rate, phony grant money, trying to get your money from money gram, western union, IRS and Canadian tax scam trying to get you to pay with I-Tune cards which is pretty dumb to begin with.

These have happened in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Scammers will try to personally call you, text you, e-mail you and the IRS scam they try to contact you with a robo call for bogus officialness from what I've seen on these scam baiter videos.

When scam baiters reveal that they know the call is a scam from India, you get one of two things, a scammer admitting they scam without remorse, or swearing in Hindi or English to the caller. These scammers increasingly seem to be obsessed with nasty sexual acts regarding your wife or mother that they spew in anger when told they're scammers. They get mad at their time being wasted while they don't care about trying to steal money.

I always search on YouTube under IRS scam, Microsoft scam, and you get many scam baiters who record the calls, demonstrate how they use virtual machines, one is really funny where a mechanical voice calls and the East Indians can't tell when they try the Microsoft scam. Saw one video where a scam baiter used something called a sound board where Arnold Scwartzenegger had movie line responses that were used to answer scammer questions. When scammers are interrupted they get frustrated. Mechanical voices are so obvious. One genius scam baiter managed to put his scammers on a conference call confusing the scammers who tried their stuff on each other until they realized what was happening which wasn't as fast as you'd expect in figuring it out. He'd break in and talk to them. He goes by Hoax Hotel. He's a hoot. He has a nice voice.

I just discovered that there's a puppy scam, ATM card scam, Instagram scam, Craigslist scam, phony loan scams, phoney DEA scams with some of them employing Americans. A couple scammers didn't realize they left a message to be called at Police Departments who play with them before revealing who they are. Beware of the various scams who call or text you unsolicited. With the continuation of these calls, people are still being duped. I got a call from a guy but couldn't tell if he was Indian or Pakastani, trying to sell Life Insurance. The accent got him a hang up. The call was unsolicited. I made arrangements to get a continuing deal on my gas bill and an American tried to get me to switch and I told her what I have is automatically renewed unless I cancel. Refused to give any information and they didn't call back--yet.

I got an unsolicited call from an American claiming to solicit donations for my local Police Department hoping to jack me for a "low" donation of first $25 then for $15 when I told them I have no money and kept trying to lock me in a commitment saying they'd only send a payment envelope if I committed myself to $15. Wasn't lying about no money as I said I was waiting for my checks to catch up on five over due bills. I went on and on about the bills I needed to catch up on and they hung up. That five minutes of their wasted time was five minutes that person wasn't trying to pressure into 'giving' someone else who didn't ask to be called. I knew it was a scam because they wanted a commitment when donations are a choice, high pressure sales tactic, and they hung up first when I refused to bite. No matter how legit it sounds, if you don't contact who you want to donate to first, don't give in to high pressure from unsolicited calls for donations.

Just received a call from a guy with an Indian accent claiming they're from Direct TV. Looked it up later and yes, this is the newest scam of phony Direct TV callers since 2016. Told him don't have Direct TV and of course he denied being from India but based in the U.S. and hung up when he was told I'm not and never been with DirectTV. His English was apalling. I don't have caller ID but you should know numbers can be faked.

Anyone who calls you demanding money up front is a scam no matter how convincing they sound foreign and domestic. Sadly too many fall for it so the scam continues.

Hope I helped.