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Crab's Corner- Never Been A Democracy

Story ID:11401
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Hate to finally admit it but America has never been a democracy.

Everyone is complaining about supposed voter suppression. Is that democratic? Women had to fight for the right to vote. Blacks had to fight for the right to vote. American citizens yet they had to fight for voting rights that were once denied based on color and gender. Undocumented immigrants are denied the right to vote. Let's forget how their labor is exploited. Let's forget that they add to the economy buying things. A democracy should allow all people to vote born here or not. Representatives in a democracy should serve all people not pick and choose.

Oh voter suppression boo people shout. But lawmakers still try to deny womens' right to legal abortion putting roadblocks in front of us. Politicians that women had to change the minds of instead of having it automatically, voted for women to have the legal right to have an abortion but women are still fighting to keep that right! A democracy shouldn't tell women what to do with their own bodies while letting men do what they want reproductively. In a real democracy your representatives would give rights automatically without pressure and a court fight. In a real democracy voter suppression wouldn't exist.

We start and perpetuate wars and try to force others to observe democracy. A real democracy doesn't try to interfere with, war against, or influence other governments to change to suit us that we criticize dictatorships of.

News says politicians always didn't like the Press. Boo you Trump for being more vocal against it. A REAL democracy wouldn't have politicians having Press problems past and present in the first place as the Press is under no obligation to like or write nice things about you. In a real democracy you wouldn't have a temper tantruming thin skinned President demanding the firing of a reporter for criticizing him.

Lawmakers decide things whether you approve or not. Obamacare is a great example. Buy or else. We'll force it down your throat. You'll get used to forced compliance with health. You've forgotten you once had a choice without forced mandates from politicians who won't use what's forced on you and you don't question. You don't question the fact that medical insurance mandates are forced cohersion. Politicians call it medical insurance incentive which you happily agree with because your boss pays not you! You vote for representatives who'll say anything for a vote and you can't do a thing until a new election as they do what they want in their best interest not yours. You yell at them not yourself for believing their lies to get elected. YOU never voted for President and Vice President. The Electoral College does and you're not in it!

Trump needs to go. The People have said it. But our 'democracy' isn't getting him out. Politicians decide NOT you the People whether Trump is kicked out of office. Those politicians in power don't agree all investigations into Trump and his minions are wasted time and taxpayer money and he stays and destroys more lives!

We're a subtle dictatorship. Let's start admitting it and change it!