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Owl Stand Up

Story ID:11404
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Owl Stand Up

Owl Stand Up

Here's a nice one. I took a cleaned and soaked several days cat food can and stuffed it with shredded junk mail topped and bottomed with scrap cereal box cardboard and glued them on and tied my two pairs of shoe laces around the can and put my rock weight on for a couple days.

Around the metal edges I glittered with mixed old silver and slight gold glitter. I cut a long strip of my donated nylon black and gold ribbon and coated it heavily on both sides with my Imagine school glue so when I cut nothing will fray. The ribbon worked well to encircle the can edges top and bottom just under the metal rims.

I love my Stouffers food boxes because of the food pictures and when you paper punch them they make a nice jumble of color. The paper makes good toppers and bottomers. Not as stiff as cereal box card board but good enough. Peeling off the back paper my colored punches lay flatter and layered them in my 'scaling' technique.

I found the last two of my late uncle's card boardy stationary that has reproductions of famous painters on my messy art living room table and cut to fit and glued this nice forest background for owl that's from junk mail a few months old. My filing system is called Rummage both on my table and in my art room.

The dangle is from my stash of tea bag strings strung with years old green seed beads and glittered at the knot and attached to the glitter rim with enough glue so I could add glitter to cover where the string was attached. Have a lot of old seed beads I can string for the future.

My legs are left over cut incense sticks already papered with black criss cross patterned bill envelope innards. Have a nice tube of used incense sticks so I won't run out of legs for a good long time.

Owl's scene edge is the same mix of silver and gold glitter(more silver) that I just carried further over the edge. I was going to at first leave the can's metal rims alone but I like glittering so I'm edging more with glitter when I decide rather than papering or leaving bare.

The back is paper punched and layered brown paper bag from my stash. I have a lot of that scrap for bottoms.

Out of all my stuff, glitter is the only thing I haven't bought new of for 17 years believe it or not. I've looked at other colors of glitter for the future and I get that hungry feeling for it but won't do anything until all my silver and gold glitter is gone. Guess I'll have to glitter more so I can get other colors. I just used the last of my sardine can stash for an old duck decoy forest scene. Odd to actually run out of a supply. I'll have to walk further for more sardines as my corner store stopped selling them. Boy that'll hurt! But I can have a new stash of sardine cans for scenes and share sardines with my cat. He loves them.