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Kachina's Nightmare

Story ID:11405
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Arizona usa
Person:Karen Pomeroy
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Sadly, there are people in this world who donít seem to even begin to know
the meaning of the word compassion. Today Equine Voices Rescue Sanctuary
sent us the account of Kachina, an innocent horse having two such people
in her life.

How Gordon Bates got this beautiful and sweet mare is not revealed, but her
story with him began when he tried to load her in his trailer. Not having been
trained to do this, Kachina resisted being loaded into the trailer. All she probably
needed was patience and some training, but no -Bates had a better solution. He
would tie her to the back of his truck and drag her home.

His 13 year-old daughter seems to have been as hard- hearted as her father who
told her to give the chains on Kachina a hard yank to make sure they were secure.
Then they both got in their truck and headed down the country road.

The writer wasnít sure how long Kachina was able to keep up with the truck. Was
it a mile, 5 miles, 10 miles? But eventually she was unable to keep up with the
speed of the truck and collapsed.

Bates didnít stop, and he kept driving for miles, dragging poor Kachina behind.
Knowing this poor horse was being dragged, he finally stopped- but not to help
Kachina. He told his daughter to get out and give her a good kick. And this
dutiful, cruel daughter kicked Kachina in the nose over and over again.

Because Kachina was in terrible pain, she was unable to get up. Then Bates
grabbed a PVC pipe from his truck and started slamming Kachina over the head
as his daughter continued to kick poor Kachina.

Thankfully, some one called 911 when they saw Kachina being dragged behind
the truck. The policeman had no difficulty finding them as he followed the trail
of horse blood streaking across the road. When he found Bates and his daughter
beating on a defenseless animal, he arrested Bates for animal cruelty. Animal
control brought Kuchina to a holding facility.

Kachina was going to be sold at a local auction where probably a meat merchant
would ship her to Mexico for slaughter. But Equine Voices Rescue found out about
her and all the suffering she went through. Karen Pomeroy of EVR headed to the
animal control holding pen to rescue Kachina.

Kachina was in bad shape from the suffering inflicted by the Gates. After being
taken to the sanctuary, it took her a long time to trust Karen et all. She would flinch
with fear with every human touch, but slowly and surely -Kachina began to trust
and show them what a sweet kind girl she was.

As for the monster Bates Ėitís hard to believe but he got off scot-free. even though
a police office witnessed him drag and beat this poor horse. He didnít even get a slap
on the wrist. Shame on our court system.

With this account. Karen Pomeroy of Equine Voices Rescue enclosed a ďLet the
Punishment Fit the CrimeĒpetition. Of course, I was only too happy to sign it. I hope
everyone who also received it did so as well. Animals like Kachina deserve to be
treated compassionately, and infractions should be punished by law. We should not
let criminals like Bates go scot free to commit other crimes of cruelty to other innocent