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Crab's Corner- Take A Knee!

Story ID:11406
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The latest idiotic controversy has struck with the temper tantruming of Donald Trump over players who take a knee.

Congratulations America! You've graduated into a dictatorship where a diaper rashed President has declared that people can't protest at a game by taking a knee and not paying attention to a flag and National Anthem.

As a note of interest, though can't remember the name of the football team that no longer exists, but Trump took it over and drove it into Bankruptcy and he thinks players should be fired for their take a knee protest?

I don't care the reason. No one should be forced to take note of a flag or National Anthem. Neither has conciousness, neither cares what you do. But Trump the dictator has declared that you can't protest either.

A flag is just a piece of colored cloth. If you want to sing to it and stand great. No temper tantruming delusional President has the right to say you can't, and those who agree with Trump are just as delusional to agree. That is until he tries to tantrum his way into denying you.

Congratulations, America! You've evolved into a dictatorship where not standing in observance to a piece of cloth and National Anthem makes it a controversy where none exists. It boils down to choice no matter the reason.

I never understood such reverance to a colored piece of cloth. It doesn't pay your bills, doesn't feed you, it never says thank you. If you need to salute a flag or revere it in order to prove who you are then I think we have a problem. A National Anthem is a pretty song no matter the country but that's all it is. It doesn't physically take care of you. It doesn't say thank you and if you can't remember where you are without singing it then there's a problem.

Pride in country is one thing. Forced pride is a problem. Pride in flag is one thing. Forcing you to sing to it, salute it, worship it, is a problem as it couldn't care less.

Donald Trump has once again decided to divide at jet engine volume and no one will get rid of him! What next? Sing praises to him whenever he walks by? Pledge allegience to a man who'd sooner throw you under the bus than respect your rights?

Just another reason to get rid of Diaper Rash-In-Chief for making a big deal over nothing!

Take a knee in defiance of our delusional tyrant. I will!