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Sardine Can Mallard

Story ID:11410
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Sardine Can Mallard

Sardine Can Mallard

Here's another new one in my last sardine can. When I was with my late Michael we bought some figurines to try them out and duck decoys were the main ones. Wood ducks, Mallards and I have one more decoy a Loon which I choose to keep loose.

The sardine can has my usual cardbord toppers using frozen food boxes. The 'trees' are bendable and from a Christmas wreath a neighbor had thrown out a couple years ago which I still have plenty of.

The 'ground' is from my jar of mixed used and dried tea bag tea and crushed seeds. The tiny brown rocks I got years ago. From my scoop of clay cat litter I have my small 'pebbles'. I found some left over fake plants in my collection of stuff which is that orange one, the thin one next to my stump and the gold flower. The stump is real wood clipped from a thick stick in my stick bag. The spray beneath my gold fake flower is a clump of transparent white dotted garland donated by a neighbor a couple years ago. Took some doing to glue them in a way to surround the gold flower middle.

The can is layered with brown paper bag punches rimmed with a strip of glue stiffened nylon gold and black donated ribbon I'm starting to use more of.

The bottom are Stouffer dinner box picture punches. Sorry if it's a little fuzzy.

I shined up Mallard with a coating of my school glue. Works quite well.