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Spinosaurus Stand Up

Story ID:11412
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Spinosaurus Stand Up

Spinosaurus Stand Up

For all you Dino fans thought I'd take an old picture of a Spinosaurus from a while ago neighborhood news pamphlet and carefully cut him out. I accidently broke Spino's back leg gluing him on and made a quick repair.

My cat food can is stuffed with shredded paper and it took a couple days for the cardboard bottom and topper to dry tied and weighted down.

I discovered something interesting with my paper punch dots. I took off the guard and cut halfway and got my crescents that I glued onto foil covered cardboard panels but the remnant is a little thin drop. I used scraps of those stationary prints for the green for leaves, turn it over and you've got your white for flower petals, did the same on the yellow part of a garbage bag package and Domino sugar box for my yellow buds and their crescents are being saved. Thought a couple sunny yellow punches would brighten things up. Took patience to get my buds and petals. The cut matters for thickness and getting it in the right place without slipping took some doing. Made for some interesting differing flowers, buds and leaves. Much easier with cardboard. Can't remember if I tried this with soft paper. The flower middles are individually placed glitter flakes found on my table using a pointy toothpick and glue. Using this paper punch technique on a horse head and using some red from animal cracker cardboard so that will look good. Who knows what I can come up with these crescents and nip leftovers. If it's scrap I can experiment. Since my cuts aren't perfect I get different thicknesses and I like the effect.

Ol' Spino is standing on crushed seed ground. His can edges are gold glitter bordering my foiled and crescented panels and the sky is my metallic blue Acrylic. To get rid of brush strokes a fingertip works well in smoothing.

My back is brown paper bag punches and the legs I had to use a new method of gluing two skinny incense sticks together, papering them with remnant brown and blue pattern napkin scraps then cut with a toenail clipper to fit. Looking in my tube the majority of my incense sticks are these stupidly thin ones because the thick ones are no more.

Like to use up as much space as possible so my yellow cardboard punches from a trash bag carton worked well. Fortunatey if I need more yellow a Domino sugar box has the same shade of yellow.

The most time consuming was paneling the whole can and making sure my crescents didn't peel off the tin foil.

Off to plan a new horse head stand up. It's the same horse head I've used before but we'll see what can be done.