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Story ID:11414
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Jefferson/Conesville New York USA
Person:My Classmate and the Twins
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By Fred Wickert

When I was a boy in high school, I had considerable interest in girls. I almost always had a girl friend. Whenever I went away from the population of our school and saw an attractive girl, I always had to try if I could, to get the girls name and phone number from her before she or I had to leave wherever it might be.

On one such occasion, I was at a basket ball game between our school and the school of an adjoining town. I saw a very pretty blond with a good figure in the bleachers of the home school. I was greatly impressed.

During the intermission between the JV and Varsity games, I made it a point to get close to her if possible, and strike up a conversation. All went well and I ended up the evening with the girls name and phone number.

A few nights later, I called her. We talked a little and then I asked her for a date. She agreed to go, but she had a condition. The condition was that it had to be a double date with her identical twin sister, and I had to obtain a date for her sister. I was to try and then call her back to let her know if I had succeeded in getting a date for her sister.

I thought about it a lot. I had to be careful because I wanted to make a good impression and it could not be just anybody. I had a friend and class mate who I thought was the perfect choice, so I called him.

When I told him I wanted to fix him up with a blind date he immediately refused. He told me that every time he had gone on a blind date he ended up regretting it. I asked him if he found anything wrong with the girls that I went out with and he said no. I explained to him that if he went on this blind date, his date would look exactly like mine because they were identical twin sisters. Surprised, he agreed to go as long as that was the case.

I called the girl back and gave her the good news. She gave me directions to their home and we arrived at the appointed time. We enjoyed a very pleasant evening and had a good time. We had a number of other dates with them. The conditions were always the same. It had to be both at the same time.

The girls often teased us. They told us that sometimes they switched on us and we never knew the difference. We never knew if they really did that, or if they were just teasing us. It didn't really matter much. A time finally came when my friend wanted to go somewhere with the one he was dating and I couldn't go. His twin agreed to go alone with him.

As time went on, I got interested in another girl and he continued going out with his twin alone. He dated her alone for nearly a year before it stopped. I never did ask him why they stopped going out, and he never volunteered the information. A new girl came to our school and he started dating her.

When our class graduated, many of us autographed each others year book along with other friends and some of the faculty. That boy autographed my year book, and he wrote, “remember the twins.” He never forgot and neither did I.

I went away after we graduated. I was gone for almost 21 years. We both were married then. We got back in touch, and for a while there were weekly square dances at the Grange Hall and he and I with our wives and one other couple went together until they stopped them in the fall. When we saw each other, with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye he would ask, “remember the twins?” Of course I always answered that I certainly did. I still do.

One of my class mates who lives in Florida now, keeps in touch with me via e-mail. Every couple of years he drives up here to visit relatives and when he does, he stops to see me. In August of this year he made his usual visit.

Part of our conversation concerned all of those in the class that have passed away now. We determined that there were only four of the boys still remaining. There was he and I, another who now lives 20 miles from me and the man who dated the twins with me. The friend went back to his home in Florida just in time to go through the major hurricane. He and his home came through it okay.

Sadly, I had a visitor a few days ago. He was the brother in law of another of our class mates who had passed a couple of years ago. My visitor inquired as to whether or not I knew the one who dated the twins with me had died. The visitor had attended the funeral the week before. I had not known but was grateful to learn that he was gone. At least now, I won't make an embarrassing blunder from not knowing. Now, we are three.

I can't help wondering if he remembered the twins before he passed. I would almost be surprised if he didn't. I am sure that if I had seen him just before he left us, that he would have asked me, “remember the twins?”