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The True Cost of Meat

Story ID:11415
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Vermont usa
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In my opinion -the true cost of eating meat cannot be measured only in dollars
and cents. In fact- for people of compassion, it is not even important. For us it
can only be adequately measured in terms of the suffering of the terrified animals
facing death in slaughterhouses. I truly cannot understand how people knowing
about the horrors involved therein can still order a Big Mac or a steak or any other
animal product without giving a thought to this. Every day I am grateful to God
that I am vegan.

So what does this say about those people who are not vegan or vegetarian? It may
indicate that they are either not very compassionate or maybe are ignorant of
slaughterhouse horrors. And then one time I learned of a woman whose doctor
told her that her health needs required the eating of meat. Does this sound
plausible to you? Not to me. I think I would have reminded him that the Divine
Physician in the Garden of Eden prescribed a vegan diet for Adam and Eve. I think
he should bone up on the reading of Genesis. At least it might cause him to reflect.

Today I received a petition to sign which would tell the Attorney General of Vermont
to shut down a law-breaking slaughterhouse. The writer graphically describes the
situation –“ Stench, blood, terrified screaming animals -some running around with
bullet holes in their heads-body parts falling out of trucks, dripping blood as they
leave the slaughterhouse for rendering plants, reveal a brutal ending for animals,
who have no voice and no choice as to what happens to them.“

It makes me also recall what Paul McCartney said one time about slaughterhouses
in general. He said that he wished that they had walls of glass so that all passing
by would see the horrors the animals face in them. One time I read that even a
pregnant cow was in the slaughter line and she dropped a live calf there. How
horrible for her. How horrible for her calf. I believe these people were heartless
to put a pregnant cow in the slaughter line.

I wonder how many people viewing a slaughterhouse of glass would change
their diet? And of course, it makes me truly wonder how we could be so lacking
in compassion if we didn’t.

On TV I recently saw a 4-H girl parading around the cow she had raised. I believe
that she would be only too happy to get a first place prize which would possibly mean
that her cow would be sold to someone for slaughter. Again- I wondered about her
seemingly lack of compassion or is she unawares of this happening? I’m not sure
that I approve of 4 H clubs if they teach children to view animals with a dollar sign
which, of course, will mean death for the animal. Maybe these are farmers’ kids
and accept it because it is part of their family’s livelihood. Still, I believe that young
people can make compassionate judgments and decisions on their own. I was a
teacher of young people for years.

As for the horrible animal suffering at the Vermont Packinghouse in North Springfield,
Vermont -it has been fined repeatedly for violating state and federal humane slaughter
laws. Per the article -“It has also been listed on the USDA’s website as one of two
slaughterhouses having the highest number of suspensions resulting from repeated
violations while slaughtering animals, who were not stunned properly and were still
conscious while butchered.” Frightening. And, according to reliable sources, the
slaughterhouse employees have a high rate of drug use which may explain some of
these problems. Is this suppose to be an excuse?

I feel sorry for the good people of Vermont. I know most don’t deserve this blotch
on the integrity of the whole state.