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Horse Head Stand Up

Story ID:11416
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Horse Head Stand Up

Finished this guy in record time! Three days!

I've shown horse heads before but this is a little more elaborate. The ingredients are a cleaned cat food can stuffed with shredded junk mail. I've noticed that shredded junk mail matters on how a can can be stuffed. Your shredded phone book pages, coupon newspaper pages, are thin without much push back. Then you get to the hard stuff and I do mean hard. Cable advertisements, cardstock junk mail, we get these suburb fliers that are really glossy and feel like table top calendars, are quite stiff. The stiffer the paper to shred the harder to tamp down the stuffing so that my toppers don't shift gluing them on but the stiffer the shred makes the topper strong so you can hold onto the front and back harder. Stiffer shred is poofy and springy so you don't have to over fill the can like lighter phone book or coupon page paper.

With this project I was looking for some onion paper I knew my late uncle had that I have of his many things, and found instead a stack of carbon paper. I guess it would be called ditto paper. I used a back page that's the thickness of my old printer paper, slightly waxy feeling and stained with the ink paper part into a nice multi-shade of real light, medium to slightly dark lavender. My bedroom walls are the lighter shade of lavender. Not an expert with carbon paper I don't know if the page I used for my punches on the front and bottom are that lavender naturally or if it's just age and being stacked so long. It paper punches beautifully. I'll eventually figure out how to use the dark ink page and see how well that punches and the bluish tissue paper like section probably can't be punched. Never wrapped with it. Could prove interesting.

My top and bottom rims are layered with the lavender bottom page of carbon paper punches with the same shading mottling. My can's middle is paper punched brown paper bag and my bowls and flames are from cardboad red animal cracker box and the yellow from thick sugar box and trash bag box cardboard punched from my disks. You get two treats in one punch if you cut it for crescents. The drops are what's left after the crescent cut that can be leaves, petals, buds, or in this case, a 'flame'. I have to take off the holder thingy of my punch so I can see how thin or thick to punch. I can punch a crescent twice but you end up with an odd looking tiny left over shape that's not inspiring enough to use.

My stand up feet are cut to fit double incense sticks papered with a couple glued strips of my brown/blue/tan/green patterned napkin that I'll really miss when used up. There's one good thing to gluing two skinny incense sticks together. My stand's legs are flatter and look better when you cut the ends off for a perfect flat edge and have a bigger leftover to use eventually.

Horse's border look like votive candles. The reds and yellows are a nice contrast with the mottled lavender background. It's a nice change from whites, browns, and metallic paint.

Hope you like Horse.