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He's My Brother

Story ID:11419
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Caldwell ID United States
Person:My Brother
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I received this email today. One of my stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul several years ago.
I posted the story herein 2010.It received a few good reviews from Chicken Soup reviewers.

Here's the email I received:

October 12, 2017
Dear Michael T. Smith
We are excited to let you know your story He's My Brother which appeared in The Power of Forgiveness will be featured on the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast.
A new podcast will be available each weekday and they can be downloaded for free the same way that you get other podcasts.
There is a theme for each day of the week. Your story will be shared on 10/23/17 and will continue to be available on the app once it airs.
If you are new to podcasts you may be surprised to learn you already have a podcast button on your smartphone. You can listen to podcasts on your phone, your computer, or your iPad or other tablet.
To find the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast, search within iTunes or your particular podcast app, or click here for podcast. If you need a little technical assistance or detailed instructions on how to download and listen to the podcast, then please click here for easy instructions.
The podcasts are about six or seven minutes long Monday-Thursday and they provide entertaining stories as well as great advice and easy-to-implement tips to improve your life. On Fridays, Amy Newmark will ask one of our to join her for a longer podcast—about fifteen minutes. If you have a large social media presence, or your own podcast, and you’d like to be considered as a guest for her Friday podcast, please let us know by e-mail webmaster@chickensoupforthesoul.com
We hope you will listen and enjoy! We would appreciate it if you would spread the word by passing this e-mail on to your friends and family so we can build an audience.
Thanks for being part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul family. You know how much we love your stories.
Happy Listening!
D'ette Corona, VP, Associate Publisher
Chicken Soup for the Soul