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Run Danny, Run novel outline

Story ID:11443
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Esther & Richard Provencher
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.
General Outline – for a mature YA Audience


© 2017
Esther and Richard Provencher

The Setting- The Reynolds home is beside Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia. And their camping trip takes place at Lake Economy, 30 miles away. We follow Danny growing up through a series of foster homes, until he ends up in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Each character has a personal goal. And this story brings them together on a small island where pieces of the puzzle try to fit.

General Story Outline- Larry Reynolds is a recently married man, with a loving wife, Anne and two adopted children who think the world of him. Life is peaceful, with plans being made to go camping for a week. That is, until a letter arrives with no return address. It says he has a son, Danny he never met.

Apparently the boy was born as a result of a relationship Larry had many years before. After much soul searching and discussion with his family Larry goes on a quest to find his son. Unknown to Larry, Danny is very angry due to unhappy years in foster homes and is seeking his dad to enact some kind of revenge.

The story focuses on relationships and how each family member copes with the possibility of a --son -- brother -- joining their family. Is there room for another child? Each person has to deal with this overriding issue. What about Danny? Does he follow through on his possible violent intentions?

A family under attack --
Larry promised his adopted son, Walt that he is the special son he always wanted. Now a sharing may take place. After Larry discloses a previous live-in relationship, Anne, his wife of one year feels let down. Susan, Larry’s other adopted child has to deal with bouncing emotions within their once serene household. It’s because daddy is now consumed with finding Danny.

Note: A former Police Chief in Truro, NS -- Mr. Lonnie Murray -- provided advisory assistance on various issues. Unfortunately he passed away before seeing the completion of this novel.