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Boxed Red Bellied Piranha

Story ID:11457
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Boxed Red Bellied Piranha

Boxed Red Bellied Piranha

Here we have a red bellied pirahna that I already knew the name of having remembered a documentary of, but my other fish I bookmarked charts with names that I can hopefully match the un named stickers with.

I wanted a smooth front so glued a piece of printer paper, trimmed a little then folded the rest so it looked like a package which I've never done before, that I covered with lavender paper punches from my ditto paper end pages on the top, sides, bottom and back.

I tried a little dry brushing with the blue background for the first time. Will be practicing that to get better. The water bottom is mixed colors for my brown which I dabbed with my brush end along with a little green, white, black. Looks lush and a little muddy which was my intention.

The top has aquarium gravel, a fancy craft button, shell macaroni, fake gray pearls, kitty litter, a standing trimmed fake flower leaf, some real shell, and my diver skimming along makes a nice ocean scene meeting a fresh water scene.

Didn't like the thick edges around the sticker so I trimmed it and just stuck it on. I think he'll stay without glue without edges curling up. My other fish stickers have brighter colors so seeing what background to do will be fun when I have another fish urge.