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Panda Mom And Cub Stand Up

Story ID:11465
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Panda Mom And Cub Stand Up

Our cat food can is stuffed with shredded junk mail and bottom and topped with sugar box cardboard.

We tried something different by cutting out squiggles out of printer paper. The can's circumference was traced in light pencil and the squiggles were hand drawn and the spaces cut out with my small curved scissors. A long strip of printer paper was cut and trimmed so it could wrap around the can in one piece. The front squiggle was glued on after painting with yellow Acrylic all at once. The can's body squiggle was glued on in one piece but in small sections trimming slightly as I went to make sure nothing overlapped the metal rims. Very fragile it took a few days to get the can's body covered trying to lay it down with as little wrinkling as I could and succeeded brilliantly for my first time. As usual got the idea as I was falling asleep. I'm strange. I don't count sheep or listen to music to fall asleep. I think about color combinations, what box or can to use, review in my head craft videos I saw of the day. I saw a lady in a video cut her paper up, cycled a few quick designs as I fell asleep and started it the next morning.

Front and side squiggling was my first try on my black Acrylic painted can. A couple good coats covered the cat food can's label. With all the soapy pre soaking I'm glad the label didnt fall off.

At first I left the rims silver but changed my mind and decided to do a little mixing and painted the rims a dark gray.

The Panda and cub were junk mail I had lying around and they're nestled in 'grass' which are cut from a strip of printer paper edge with a little playing around with green and yellow mixing, placed flat on another sheet of printer paper and painted over which I've never done. Nice even coat I got and then carefully had to peel the strip off its blotter without ripping, also something I've never done. Not so easy as it stuck pretty good to the sheet painted on. Cut my pieces and glued them under mom panda.

Some touch ups with paint on the can rims and front background squiggle, a day of drying then attached my feet which are cut incense sticks. Took some sand paper to get rid of the burned parts and lighten them, then a couple coats of yellow Acrylic so they turned out pale like I wanted. First time decided not to paper my can feet.

The back is my usual paper punch layering with a piece of my almost gone tan flexible cardboard of my late uncle's.