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Shame on VA Dog Labs

Story ID:11475
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I wish that I could have sent with this post the beautiful/sad picture of USMC
veteran Joey Jones who appeared at this WhiteCoatWaste.org site. He is pictured
sitting on a couch revealing his two leg prostheses. Even so -a big smile is on his
face I imagine because there are also two black dogs sitting with him –one on each
side. And he also has a message for the Cleveland VA lab officials – END THE

So good to read. Here is a veteran without whole legs and he tells the VA – stop
experimenting on dogs! God bless him, and I hope there are also other veterans who
agree with him as well. And certainly- many of us non- veterans want to see this
carnage stopped.

WCW recently sued the Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
The VA refuses to release details about its deadly taxpayer-funded experiments on
dozens of dogs. These dogs were characterized as “friendly,” “shy” and “submissive.”
They even used hound puppies less than a year old. If this were not bad enough-
they also mentioned that there are two other VA facilities still conducting painful
experimentations on dogs.

While reading this- I was taken back to the 80’s and 90’s when I worked for the City
of Cleveland in the License Division. The Health inspectors came in regularly to check
on whether anyone who sold food had a food license. So, I often talked with one of them
about his work. One time he told me that during one of his inspections at the Cleveland
Clinic he saw that a whole floor was devoted to animal experimentation. He knew I
would be devastated and crestfallen to find this out, and he was right.

Thankfully, this past summer the House of Representatives unanimously passed
legislation to defund the Department of Veterans Affairs’ most painful and wasteful
dog experiments. The internet provides a look at some of these outstanding Waste
Warriors in Congress who gave impassioned speeches in support of this legislation.
One of these compassionate legislators pictured was Rep. David Brat of Virginia. God
bless him and all the others who spoke against this VA dog cruelty.

I hope and pray that all three of the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers have gotten the
message loud and clear and will stop using poor defenseless dogs in cruel research.
Today there are many non-animal protocols which can be utilized. I am surprised and
disappointed that they haven’t clued in on this. There is no excuse for ignorance-
especially when it comes to needless dog suffering.