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Story ID:11477
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Roy Moore
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By Fred Wickert

During the eight years of the Obama presidency, the constitution was frequently ignored. Several times he was over ruled by the Supreme Court.

There have been a number of cases around the country where people and merchants have been denied their constitutional rights involving either their religious beliefs or their unwillingness to be a contributor to homosexual conduct.

Now we have a Judge in Alabama who is running for the senate seat formerly held by our now Attorney General. The Republican Establishment led by the Senate Majority Leader spent 30 million dollars trying to get the Judge defeated in the primaries and failed.

I personally find this offensive. I find it offensive when people from other states send me letters and e-mails asking for contributions for political campaigns for states that I do not reside in, and I never reply to them. In our recent election here at home, one of our town candidates mailed out material and made house to house phone calls touting her endorsements from merchants from other towns. I found this offensive also.

During the Clinton era Bill Clinton that is, there was a scandal when Vice President Al Gore met with and accepted a two million dollar campaign contribution from a Chinese official representing the government of China, in a Buddhist temple. That was illegal but I never heard anything about the money being refunded to China, and I never heard about any action against the Clinton-Gore ticket because of it either. There was a lot of shame on you in the media but that was about it.

I believe people who are not residents of the election territory involved have any business interfering. If it is an election in New Jersey, people in New York should keep their nose out of it. If it is an election in Louisiana, people in Texas should keep their nose out of it. Just like we are having hissy fits about Russia interfering in our last Presidential election.

That by the way is some major hypocrisy. We, the United States of America interfere in elections in other countries all the time. That is about half of what the CIA does. They have agents in foreign countries doing things to try to influence elections in those countries. Barack Obama personally interfered in the last Prime Minister election in Israel, trying his utmost to get Netinyahu defeated. He even went to Israel to campaign for his opponent. He did all this with our money. It is my understanding that Obama spent well over a million dollars of our money on that, and for naught because the man he was trying to defeat, won the election.

Now our attention is focused on sex scandals. The Senate election from the state of Alabama once again enters the picture. Judge Roy Miller is the Republican candidate. Mitch Mc Connel and other Republican Establishment types spent a lot of time and money to defeat him in the primary. They should not have. The election is to see who will represent the people of Alabama. Mitch is from Kentucky. What business is it of his? What ever happened to government by the people? What ever happened to the Constitution providing that the PEOPLE will elect those who represent them? Since when is it any business at all of the Senate Majority leader?

The establishment does not want Roy Miller in the United States Senate. Oh Lord no. They cannot control Judge Moore. Judge Moore is a maverick. He is independent and does whatever he believes is the right thing to do. The establishment cannot tolerate that. They need someone who will tow the line and do as they are told. Judge Roy Miller will never do that. Therefore, the establishment can't have him there and they have to do anything they can to prevent him from getting there. Nothing they have tried has worked.

Strangely, a woman who has been silent for almost 40 years comes forward about a month before the election and accuses Roy Moore of feeling her up when she was 14 years old. He was in his early 30's at the time and was the assistant DA. It has been nearly 40 years and she has never said anything. It is only her word against his.

Isn't it interesting that he is leading by a great margin against his Democrat opponent and this girl who never mentioned it before, suddenly brings it up now? Isn't it interesting that the girl is now a member of the DNC and worked on Hillary's campaign?

The Senate Majority leader of course, immediately announces they can't have anybody like that in the United States Senate. He must step aside immediately. He believes the woman completely. What ever happened to our constitution again? Does not our Constitution provide that a person is PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? What hearing has Judge Moore had that proved him guilty?

Then, a few days later Gloria Alrad comes forth with another woman who says when she was 16 Roy Moore sexually assaulted her. They go on television to announce it and let the woman tell her story along with shedding a tear or two. Then the girls year book is produced and photographed . The year book has some hand writing beside the girls picture and it is signed Roy. Under it there is Roy Moore's name, the date and the name of the restaurant where the woman alleged the incident to have taken place. Immediately appearant is that the alleged signature, date and name of restaurant were written in a different color ink than the rest of the writing. It says Roy Moore, D.A. But he was not the D.A. At the time. He was assistant D.A. She also said Moore locked her in the car. Not true. Cars did not have child locks in those days and could not lock someone in the car.

Later a hand writing expert having seen the photo of the year book page says the hand writing is not the same. The part in the different ink color was not written by the same person as the rest of it. Another person who is an expert in body language watched the woman telling her story on TV says her body language indicates she was lying. The woman has a step son who lived with her growing up as a child and has known her very well for most of his life. He has gone public, says she is lying and that he supports Judge Moore.

Upon hearing the second woman's story, Mitch Mc Connel says he believes her and if Moore is to be elected, he will see that he is kicked out of the Senate on ethics violations. Speaker Ryan has joined him in saying Moore should step aside. Again, where is the constitution? Did not both of these men swear an oath when taking office that they would uphold., obey and defend the constitution? It seems to me that both of these men have violated their oath of office. Should they then be impeached?

Later there were a couple of more women who came forward and said they worked in a Mall when they were 16 years old and that Roy Moore dated them or tried to date them when he was in his 30's. The age of consent in Alabama is 16 by the way, but as far as I know, neither of these women reported any sex abuse.

On the other hand, a sitting Senator who was once a television celebrity has been accused by another TV personality of sexually abusing her while asleep on a plane coming back after a USO performance somewhere for the troops. This case was different. This time there was evidence and witnesses. Franken grabbed her breast and gave it a squeeze while she was sleeping and a picture of it was taken. In the picture, Franken turned his face toward the photographer with a huge grin on his face. When confronted, Franken apologized, sort of, and said he didn't remember it. Then another woman came forward. She showed a picture taken at the state fair that showed she and Senator Franken very close to each other. It was a posed picture. The woman reported that while the picture was being taken, Franken grabbed and squeezed her buttocks. She said she was angry at the time and told her husband what he had done. This time, Franken said he took so many pictures at the state fair that he didn't remember this one. How convenient.

What an amazing difference with the Senate Majority leader. In the case of Judge Moore, with no evidence and questionable motives on the first, and with year book evidence that some experts say is forged and a body language expert and the woman's step son both saying she is lying, to the Majority Leader they are both believable and to be believed and Roy Moore cannot be permitted to become a member of the Senate. On the other hand, charges against a sitting Senator with his admitting it, giving a half hearted apology and photographic evidence, this one has to be investigated by a committee to determine whether it is true and what should be done about it.

It seems to me the following things are true:

The majority Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House want to deny the Constitutional presumtion of innocence to Judge Roy Moore.

The Majority Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House have both seriously violated their oath of office.

The Senate Majority Leader and others of the Establishment have repeatedly interfered in the elections of the State of Alabama which they have no moral right to do, legal or not. They have announced intentions if Roy Moore wins the election, to deny the people of Alabama the representation they chose.

There is one more thing. It has been reported that there is a so called Hush Fund in the United States Congress which is funded with tax payers money. This fund is for the express purpose of paying off victim staffers of sexual abuse committed by a member of Congress. It has also been reported that one member from each side of the aisle have been guilty of sexual abuse or worse, and that those two members indiscretians have resulted in the victims being paid a total of $15 million from this Hush Fund.

Unless I am sadly mistaken, that Hush Fund is also a violation of the Constitution. If that fund was legally established, is it in the Congressional Record? Can it be found in the Library of Congress? Who was the legislator that introduced that bill? Who were the co-sponsors? What was the vote record? Who was the President that signed it in to law?

If there is no record of it ever being signed in to law, I for one would like to see a special prosecutor appointed for that. That warrants investigation don't you think? By the way, can there be such a Hush Fund without the Majority Leaders knowledge or the Speaker of the House as well? How about an investigation on that?

In regards to these accusations against Judge Moore. As far as I know, the only evidence has been found flimsy and questionable at best . So far, the more that is known the less valid they seem. As for the year book, there have been noted experts that have asked to see it first hand. Gloria Alrad is refusing to allow anybody to see it. A bit odd since she herself openly displayed it as evidence on TV. This kind of thing happens to innocent victims all the time. Under the circumstances, I find any of it difficult to believe unless and until it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I myself have been a victim of that sort of thing. Back in the 1970's I was a police chief. During that time I served under three different mayors. One of them was a woman. I found myself suddenly being accused, and the story was all over town, of being caught having sex in the back seat of the police car with the Mayor on Saturday afternoon in a secluded area.

That one was easy to prove false. At the time this was supposed to have happened, I was at a dog show at a place between Rome and Utica , New York. There were many witnesses because two of our dogs got loose. There was much mirth among the crowd as they watched my wife and I trying to catch those show dogs who were running all over the adjacent golf course. In addition, I had a copy of the show catalog which showed which events we participated in and our standing in each event and which dog had been awarded how many points, if any, towards their AKC Championship. I have no idea where the Mayor was at the time.

Another time there were stories all over town that I was having affairs with five different women at the same time. I knew each one of them but never wanted anything to do with any of them.

Yet another time there was a story all over town that I was gay. Of course, I am not. I eventually learned where that story came from or originated. There was a high school girl who had a high opinion of her own beauty. One Saturday afternoon as the crowd was leaving after a football game with another school was letting out, the girl had flirted with me for a couple of minutes. I just smiled and went about my duties and thought no more of it. It seems she was greatly offended that I did not accept her advances. She told her friends that if I refused to be interested in her, as special and sexy as she was, then I just had to be gay because only a gay man would be able to resist her charms. In the repeating it from one person to another the story dropped by the wayside and the only thing that was being repeated was that I was gay.

So you see, I am very well aware that stories like that can come out for a variety of motives, but that does not necessarily mean they are true. Like the Constitution says, a man should be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The Senate majority Leader and Minority leader and the Speaker of the House should know better, along with all the others that have convicted the man without any hearing at all, let alone a fair one.


I just read a news break that reported Senator Lindsey Grahm was on a talk show and admitted that the Establishment in the Senate is doing this to Roy Moore to stop the Trump agenda from going through. He said if Moore gets in the Senate he will help Trump pass his agenda. The establishment or Rino's don't want that to happen.