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Boxed Space Dogs

Story ID:11484
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Boxed Space Dogs

We took a shredder paper stuffed soap box and layered all sides with paper punched printer paper. The box was interesting. Made in Germany but with printing in Russian and Arabic which I've never seen that's all covered. Usually I find things written in Spanish and English that replaced French and English. But to have a soap box in Russian and Arabic, well that's a cool novelty.

From an old picture from a magazine I got my space scene. Nebula? Galaxy? Haven't a clue but it's pretty.

My junk mail mutt and husky are flexible cardboard backed and glued on with a sliver of background trim as a bottom border.

One strip of gold and black nylon ribbon glue stiffened with a gold punch of matchbook on my front under two zebra print punches from my animal cracker box scrap. One plain strip on the top and very bottom of the same nylon ribbon covering a seam glue stiffened to prevent fraying. Scissors dull again but folded several times over aluminum foil does sharpen scissors so I'll have to do that.

By crinkly ball is from a small supply of old paper punched TP roll then cut across the holes for my edges then glued together for rings. Painted with black Acrylic to symbolize space I glued them to form my ball then put a paneling nail through the bottom into the box then pulled down into a blob of glue and painted over. Nail and glue for extra security. I have a few of these balls left.

The husky looks so goofy and I had to use him to work off the mutt whose cute but the straight man. They're both adorable. Their background sets them both off beautifully.