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Crab's Corner-Which Is It!

Story ID:11485
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Lots of things going on. The right choices seem obvious.

Middle Class are outraged by this new tax plan that might pass. Middle Class are yelling, screaming, protesting! If this new tax bill passes what are Middle Class more afraid of? Politicians doing what they want anyway or if the new tax bill passes the Middle Class find themselves on equal footing as the Poor who are ignored, whose voices no one listens to, suffering financial difficulty and having to really struggle. Which is it!

Everyone's bellyaching about how awful the Republican party has been, not caring that they've always been this way but only now being noticed for it. Is everyone really upset over how awful the Republican party is now that you're being affected when you didn't care when others are, or will you show your outrage by demanding the ridding of the Republican party or at least demanding that one party doesn't have complete say over everything so Republican and Democrat elected work together for the good of the People instead of wasting time on petty bickering over agendas that politicians never seem to share the consequences of unlike those they rule over! Which is it!

Sexual harassment. Are people really upset about sexual harassment whose complaints come and go without resolution because it takes too much work, or are you more upset about sexual harassment because it continually shows societal acceptance of sexism and misogyny that you don't like rubbed in your face as you hope it dies down until the next time! Which is it!

Roy Moore. Are people really upset about voting for a child molester, or are you more upset that people really just don't give a damn who'll vote for anyone if they alone benefit as always! Which is it!

Donald Trump. He's sexist, misogynous, he's a psychotic blowhard who could very well start WW3 that you don't take seriously enough. Are you more upset he won because we refuse to eliminate the electoral college that you're not a part of, or are you more upset that no one has the spine to 25th Amendment or Impeach him because excuse making Republicans decide in the end because Democrats continually give them all the power! Trump has proven his unfitness and escalating mental illness. Which is more troubling? The escalating mental illness of the most powerful person in the world or the interminable waiting for these petty investigations to prove what we already know that waste time while a dangerous Trump continues to destroy everything he touches that could prove deadly in the end that you convince yourself can't happen! Which is it!

What matters more to you? The benefit and safety for all or just the benefit and safety of yourself that you're willing to tolerate anything!

Which is it!