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Gecko Stand Up

Story ID:11490
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Gecko Stand Up

This one took me weeks to do. Winter makes me slow. We've got the usual paper stuffed cat food can and I tried something different in my soaking. Ajax cleanser soaking. Makes good soak water and scours at the same time when I wash it out.

Used sugar box cardboard on the bottom and white food box paper for the top which was Acrylic painted. The same red Acrylic paint background was darkened slightly with crimson for the metal rim. Cardboard scrap was paper punched and wrapped with smooth tin foil and the spaces were filled with seed powder and old tea from my jar. Smaller sheets of tin foil come out smoother than bigger.

The bottom is paper punched brown paper bag from my stash.

I tried something different with my feet. I went outside in the back thinking I dropped my lighter and my neighbor asked what I was doing and she offered me a matchbox filled with old matches. They didn't light but they're easy to cut and with rough sandpaper smoothed them and papered them with my brown/tan/blue green napkin. The match sticks are thicker around and once glued on didn't shift as much as incense sticks singly or glued together for thickness. Match sticks are easy to paint too. I've got a nice stash of match sticks with the heads cut off. Perhaps I may use match heads but soaked just in case. I may have to sandpaper them rounder and I don't need it lighting.

The gecko, butterfly and flowers are from a magazine that a Jehova Witness gives me who periodically stops by for the last 7 years. Sometimes her magazines contain great animal pictures like the baby giraffe head that's been trimmed for my next project and the cuttlefish I used on a past project.

I tried something different on the ground of clay kitty litter from my spare scoop I keep handy. I emptied it into a strainer and tapped so I can get the smallest pebbles. Felt like an archaeologist sifting through dirt.

Also tried something new with the toppers and bottomers. I traced the can so I could glue the middle and edge, fitted it, wrapped my shoelaces tightly around and put my stone weight on. When dried and trimmed I only had to reglue one edge. Tracing the can and appying glue made fitting easier.

Rubbing my pictures with a napkin or piece of TP gets out wrinkles after being glued on so no need to back with thicker paper.

The pink flowers and yellow bush go good with the background.