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Crab's Corner-Hooray Health Care Mandate Gone!

Story ID:11494
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Hooray the Obamacare Health Mandate is finally gone and people are whining! Arguments have been made that thousands will lose their coverage, that without the mandate costs will go up.

Are people daft? Obamacare was forced through and people choose to forget that! Let's pass it and see what's in it and people choose to forget that! Protests happened because people didn't want government dictating but they finally complacently accepted it. You can keep your plan and doctor and you were lied to! But people are yelling about no health insurance?

Those who get it from their bosses don't mind it one bit. But they never demand their bosses personally pay their utilities, property and income taxes, but complain about pay that keeps them off the street paying those things!

Whine whine the Middle Class do with health insurance. Their employers pay most they pay the rest and it's not good enough! They complained about high deductables, co pays that rendered their health insurance not too useful but didn't dump it. Middle Class whined about high prescription costs. Interesting, isn't it? You had the insurance mandate and it stopped none of that. Why? Greed and forced cohersion. Now the only thing left is fear mongering about mandates being necessary for health insurance by politicians who lie once again. Mandates are forced control imposed by politicians for some greedy pool, who refuse to use Obamacare. And you never question it!

Now the mandate is gone, but you'll still be taken advantage of which Middle Class don't mind as long as their employers provide health care. If employers stopped work health insurance they'll bark.

But Poor who go without? Middle Class don't care. Middle Class kids go without health insurance Middle Class growl. Poor kids go without, Poor meaning pay a bill or go hungry, Middle Class don't care.

Where's Medicare for all? Non existent! Just another no action talking point.

Guess Middle Class will have to choose now! Smart Phone or medical insurance! New car or health insurance! Plasma TV or health care! Real doctor visit or going for every sniffle!

Guess Middle Class will have to give up a few things to keep their health insurance or keep what they have and be grateful they're not totally without. And if they become that, welcome to what Poor go through who struggle more than Middle Class ever did every day.

Hooray the mandate is gone! No more force! Freedom does have a cost!