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Christmas Gift for Animal Lovers

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
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Christmas Eve and I received a wonderful Christmas present on the internet. It read "10 Wins for Animals in 2017 That Proves YOU Are Making a Difference.

I don't feel well tonight but I am able to at least enumerate these 10 Wins which I found on onegreenplanet.org. If interested, please go there for the whole post. Here are the 10 wins:

1. Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus Shuts Down.

2. Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Ban Eating Dog and Cat Meat.

3. Vancouver Banned the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores.

4. Animal Abuse is illegal in Lebanon.

5. Authorities Deny License Renewal for Horrific Zoo.

6. Guggenheim Removes Cruel Exhibit Featuring Dogs Trying to Fight Each other.

7. Vietnam Agrees to Close All Bear Bile Farms.

8. All Slaughterhouses in England Are Getting Cameras.

9. More areas are Banning Declawing Cats.

10. More and More Brands Are Going Fur-Free.

Truly for us who care about animals- this is just wonderful news. One Green Planet reminded us that we helped to make these amazing victories and even many more this past year. And they wrote that if we feel inspired -we should head over to One Green Planet's petition page and do more.

God bless them for their compassionate leadership and God bless all of us who help in any way to make this earth a more compassionate place for God's animal creation.