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Junior Giraffe Stand Up

Story ID:11497
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Junior Giraffe Stand Up

I love baby animals and took this picture from that magazine that a visiting for the last 7 years Jehovah's Witness usually brings. Always look forward to her visits to see what new magazine she brings to get new animals.

We've got our usual scrubbed out and shredded paper stuffed cat food can though it was slightly dented but it was easily covered with the rest of the outside can with black criss cross pattern punches from a bill envelope.

The cardboard topper and bottom are Domino sugar box, traced, glued, wrapped with my two shoe laces and sections of cardboard is trimmed a little closer to the can every day and when I remove my laces for trimming I retie tighter so the carboard bonds more with the metal edges with the same glue as I had to change tactics to eliminate any later pulling up by slopping my glue on my traced can circles thick so it takes several days to dry completely. Each day the laces are undone a little more is trimmed top and bottom and retied tighter to the point where the cardboard bends. It can take as long as a couple weeks of trimming and retying. But the end result is a carboard cover on top and bottom that act like they're welded onto the can. No gaps no regluing. I save the cardboard scraps paper punch and keep them on hand for future use like foiling them for can side use.

Used my green Acrylic for the background and glued Junior in. His mother was too big to include and she got all cut up trimming her baby.

I took my snowflake contact paper and paper punched for the edging around Junior. Pain in the neck separating them from their paper. I liked the pattern of the snowflakes so cut on their points to get different patterns.

When all the front was done I tried again to see if I could make clearer glitter squiggles so I let my glue tip do the talking with random squiggles. Much improved from an oriental themed one where the squggles came out awful trying to toothpick the pattern. Free flow of glue from the bottle tip gets the best squiggle. I overloaded with gold glitter and after a day tapped off and brushed and it came out real good. Fills the extra space I was debating on how to utilize.

My feet are cut to size sandpaper smoothed match sticks painted Acrylic red like my snowflake contact paper and matched to the bottom of Junior's neck on either side so he'll stand up straight. Good thing he has a thin neck.

The back that's not shown I took a back page of my late uncle's ditto paper that's lavender and paper punched and tried layering two rows at a time until I got closer to the center and only one line could be done and it has a nice light/dark/medium mottling and every row is perfectly straight. I'll try to stick to that.

A hummingbird is next to start.